Pennsylvaniaarm Show 2023 in numbers

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (WHTM) — The 2023 PAarm Show officially wrapped on Saturday, January 14th.

“In Pennsylvania, agriculture is our heritage,” said Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. It’s the food on our tables. It is the basis of our economy. It is our future. Showcasing our roots and the progress we have cultivated and nurtured over the past eight days. We are really rooted in progress.”

From that delicious farm, to seeing the kind of business Pennsylvania has to offer, to seeing all the amazing farm animals, the PA farm show was truly unforgettable for all who attended.

The USDA has crushed some sales figures, which can be seen below:

  • PAFAoundation
    • 20,000 slices of pizza and 13,000 squeezed lemons to make lemonade
  • Beekeepers Association of PA
    • 515 gallons of honey ice cream served by volunteers in over 1,200 hours
  • Palestinian Livestock Association
    • 40,000 pounds of produce, prepared and served by 250 volunteers
  • Maple Syrup Producers Council PA
    • 60-80 pounds of maple candy per day, using 2,000 pounds of cotton candy mix, served by 150 volunteers
  • Pennsylvania State Horticultural Association
    • 54,000 donuts of apple juice, 4,700 apple dumplings, 7,000 gallons of apple juice, 5,000 bags of cotton candy, and 60 bushels of apples sold by 360 volunteers
  • Mushroom growers in Pennsylvania
    • Sold 8,645 pounds of mushrooms
  • Cooperative Potato Growers in the Palestinian Authority
    • 20,000 lbs. ofrench fries, 12,000 lbs. of baked potatoes, 3,600 dozen burgers with 2,000 pounds of fried onions, and 18,000 pounds of donut mix, served by workers in 6,500 hours.
  • PA Dairymen’s Association
    • 18,580 gallons of milkshake, 8,200 pounds of mozzarella cheese cubes, grilled cheese sandwiches using 324 pounds of butter, 1,200 loaves of bread, and 320 pounds of sliced ​​cheese
  • PA Vegetable Growers Association
    • More than 5,600 flowering onions, 7,500 servings of pickled greens, 3,000 corn dogs, 1,200 corn chips, 700 raspberry Oreos, 2,000 fried pickles, 3,300 funnel cakes, 2,000 soup bowls, 3,500 cups of raspberry infusion water, 3,600 cups of raspberry juice and lemonade, 5,700 cups of Strawberry Surprise—all served by more than 300 volunteer shifts working over 2,000 hours.

The 2023 PAarm Show delivered a million square feet of fun, education, heritage, inspiration and innovation under one roof.