Mechanicsburg woman dies in plane crash in Pennsylvania

HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — A woman has died in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County after a crash in the Tuscarora Tunnel of the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Wednesday, January 11.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, the accident occurred when the woman was heading west on the roundabout approaching the western intersection pattern near mile 187.4. This intersection sends all vehicles into the eastbound Tuscarora Tunnel for a two-way traffic pattern due to a construction project in the westbound tunnel.

The tunnel gate was closed to all traffic at the time of the accident.

The initial impact occurred when the driver failed to cross into the eastbound travel lane. Because of this, the woman hit and ran through many barricade corridors. Next, the car drove around two truck-protected direction markers that were placed on each of the two westbound lanes.

Once in the tunnel, the car rear-ended a high-lift loader parked at the mile marker 186.5 which was placed in the left lane.

Because of the accident, the woman was fatally injured. The operator of the high loader did not sustain injuries as a result of the collision.