How to get into a college with a football scholarship at BitLife

One of the initial goals in The Hell’s Kitchen Challenge is to get into a college with a football scholarship. To do this, you must start playing soccer from an early age and become the captain of your school team by the time you graduate from high school.

How to sign up for your school football team at BitLife

Before playing any football, we recommend choosing a character with extension sports Trait. Having such a personality trait will help you get into the school team without facing rejection. You can either re-spin such a character or manually customize this life using the God Mode DLC.

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After creating your character, it’s time to join the soccer team. Grow old enough to be in middle school and head to the activities section of your school. Now, click The extracurricular option And choose the soccer team. Since you have the mathematical trait, you will pass the exam without any problem.

How to become the captain of your school’s soccer team in BitLife

To increase your chance of getting an athletic scholarship, you must become the captain of your school’s soccer team. To do this, use a file Work harder The option is periodically under the Activities tab of your soccer team. Over time, your coach will offer you the captain’s position. Accept it and be part of the team until you graduate from high school.

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If you have followed all of the above steps to the letter, the game will provide you with an athletic scholarship to pursue your undergraduate studies. Accept it and join the college.

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How to get into a college on a soccer scholarship in BitLife