Counter-terrorism police arrest a Cheshire man over the discovery of uranium at Heathrow Airport !

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Anti-terrorism police arrested a man in the northwest of the country after discovering traces of uranium.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command have been contacted by colleagues in Borderorce Heathrow.

This came after it was found that a shipping package containing scrap metal was contaminated with a very small amount of uranium.

It was discovered during a routine check up on December 29th.

The officers attended a speech in Cheshire on Saturday morning, supported by colleagues from Cheshire Police and Counter Terrorism Police North West.

It has not yet been officially confirmed as to where this is in Cheshire.

A man in his sixties has been arrested on suspicion of having committed an offense under Section 9 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

He was taken to a police station in the northwest of England and released on bail on Sunday until a date in April.

The specialized officers also conducted a search at the same address where the man was arrested. The search is now complete and no material has been found that could pose a threat to the public.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said investigations were continuing.

Commander Richard Smith, who leads the Metropolitan’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: “The discovery of a very small amount of uranium inside a package at Heathrow is clearly concerning.

But it shows the effectiveness of the procedures and checks in place with our partners to detect this type of material.

“Our priority since the start of our investigation has been to ensure that there is no direct threat associated with the public.

To that end, we are pursuing every possible line of investigation available to us, which led us to making this arrest over the weekend.

I want to make it clear that although this arrest was made, based on what we currently know, this incident does not appear to be related to any direct threat to the public.

“However, investigators are continuing their investigations to ensure that this is most certainly the case.”