YouTuber Shane Dawson has just married Ryland Adams

YouTuber Shane Dawson married his longtime friend Ryland Adams.

Dawson and Adams dated for three years before finally getting engaged in 2019. After four years, the couple has now officially tied the knot as of 2023.

The couple shared a joint announcement on Instagram that read:

“We are married!! [heart emoji] the best day in my life. Our very unique wedding video is now available [champagne glasses emoji]. “

The video referenced in their Instagram post details the couple’s entire nuptial experience in Colorado. In the video, Dawson explained:

“I thought it was like, you know, we just go to the courtroom, do the paperwork, don’t really tell anyone and then we have the wedding in a month or two in LA, and then I find out… no, it’s a real wedding.” We have to do vows.”

The new video is titled “We Are Married!!!!” Shared to Adams’ YouTube channel and you can watch it below.

Dawson and Adams planned not to have other wedding bands. Instead, they intended to get finger tattoos that symbolize wedding rings. However, they eventually decided against it after a tattoo artist told them that these types of tattoos would eventually dissolve from their skin.

It should be noted that Dawson has been the subject of countless controversies in recent years that include using blackface, saying the n-word on several occasions, and making problematic comments about pedophilia. He has also been accused of engaging in bestiality and getting into fights with other content creators for many reasons.

However, these two social media stars are now married, which has ushered in all the must-see weddings within the LGBTQ+ community in 2023.

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