Where to find gold presses inallout 76

Fallout 76 gives the player freedom like never before in theallout series. You can exit the Vault and are free to explore the Appalachian Wasteland as you see fit. But if you want to survive you will need money and not just hats. Gold ingots are a great way to get gear, but you will have to find gold pressing machines to get this coin. This may make you wonder where the gold presses are located.

All gold press machine locations inallout 76

Currently there Three gold pistons Inallout 76’s Appalachian Wasteland. They can be found at the main locations and are the only way to exchange your treasury notes for gold bars. Here you can find all of theallout 76 gold presses.

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  • crater – Nucleus
  • Establishmentounder’s Hall elevator
  • White Spring Resort Artisan Corner

Unless you have a lot of fast-travel caps, these spots can be out of the way. We recommend saving a lot of Treasuries and spending them in bulk. However, there are 200 gold bars exchange limit within 20 hours in real time. This means that you will only be able to convert a certain amount of Treasuries before having to return them the next day.

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Where to find Gold Press Machines inallout 76