This local politician was video bombarded by a half-naked hunk

This is why people are afraid of Zoom meetings!

Dr. Matt Haynes was having his day as Pima County Board Superintendent, and though he wasn’t physically present for a specific board meeting, he joined via Zoom to carry out his duties. What Heinz didn’t expect, however, was that a half-naked hunk would appear in the background on full display for the entire board to see.

In a clip from the meeting — which has now gone viral on social media — an unidentified man wearing nothing but a hat, a tank top and underwear appears right behind Hines while on Zoom. The mysterious man even raises his tank top at one point, exposing his massive body for all to see.

The background piece appears to freeze as he looks at the computer screen and realizes what is going on, with Heinz immediately turning off the camera. You can watch the entire scene unfold in TikTok below.

Aside from serving as supervisor of the Pima County Board of Directors, Hines is a hospital physician and was previously a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. He also maintained good relations with Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In fact, Hines worked with President Obama during his presidency and President Biden invited him to attend the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act in December of 2022.

Heinz is an out gay man, but not much is known about the identity (or affiliation?) of this potential boyfriend who appeared in the background of this Zoom meeting. As of this writing, Heinz has also not released any statement regarding the situation.

Be careful with Zoom calls – you never know when a half-naked hunk might be walking around in the background!

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