The 15-year-old singer from Newton-le-Willows releases his debut single !

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The 15-year-old singer from Newton Lou Willows released her first song with an international label.

Jennifer King first gained attention while appearing on The Voice Kids at the age of 10, where she was introduced to the music industry.

The local singer-songwriter later had the opportunity to shine at The School of Rock in London’s West End.

The teen singer is now gearing up to release her debut single “Go,” which was produced by Atlantic Bridge Music in Toronto and London, later this month.

The single has already been played on BBC Music Presenter and featured on US TV show ‘The Young and The Restless’, and the first single is set to be released on all digital platforms onriday, January 20th.

Jennifer said, “I’m so excited to release my first single, I’ve always wanted to do that, so it’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to share more music in the near future.”

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Speaking of his daughter’s successful start to her career in the music industry, Jonathan King said: “We are delighted that Jennifer is releasing her first single, and we were all very proud on Saturday to hear ‘Go’ being played on BBC Radio.

“It’s a wonderful reward for all of Jennifer’s hard work; she’s had setbacks with her music (and her acting) that people sometimes don’t see, but she continues as a family, it’s so exciting to join her on the journey.”

“We are so grateful to everyone who has supported Jennifer on her journey.”

St Helens Star: The 15-year-old's talent has been recognized internationallyThe talent of the 15-year-old has been recognized internationally (Photo: Charlie Iggolden)

The young singer’s voice is described as a mixture of modern 1980s pop and hip hop, with references to music icons Madonna and Doja Cat when describing her new single.

ollowing the release of the single, the St Edmund Arrowsmith pupil is set to perform at Verona’s Balcony Late Lounge onriday, 20 January, followed by a performance at The Griffin on Saturday, 21 January.