Saints’ timekeeperrank Davies has passed away at the age of 82 !

Full details about Saints’ timekeeperrank Davies has passed away at the age of 82

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ormer Saints timekeeperrank Davies – one of the club’s unknown figures – died in December at the age of 82.

rank is best remembered as the official timekeeper for all senior, reserve and academy games at the former Knowsley Road stadium.

Originally from Booth Street in Nutgrove,rank attended St Austen’s School, where two of the greatest Saints players ever, Alex Murphy and Austin Rhodes, were also pupils at one stage. Austin was alsorank’s cousin.

rank has had a varied work life when he wasn’t watching his favorite rugby league team.

He started as a co-driver at Suttons and worked the pits for a spell. He then spent 17 years with the St Helens Water Board, initially as a labourer, before graduating to inspector, dealing with various spills around the area among his other responsibilities.

He married his wife, Leslie, in March 1970 and other changes of circumstances occurred in his working life. rank bought his own heavy goods van and worked for himself before giving it up and becoming a self-employed plumber.

His prayer with the saints began when [coach] Bill Boycott recommended him for his plumbing skills and assisted the club in that capacity for many years.

He was also close friends with two of the club’s secretaries over the years, Basil Lowe and Geoff Sutcliffe, and became the timekeeper for the infamous ‘sin bin’ when players had to return to the wing to spend their allotted periods off the field of play.

When Cliff Middlehurst retired,rank became the Saints’ official timekeeper. Both teams provided for them on match days and it was a job that he did diligently up until the beginnings of the Noughties.

rank has been selected for other games as well, including several representative games and international games.

A fun and friendly character about the Knowsley road scene, he particularly enjoyed a trip to Australia in 1988 when he followed the fortunes of the Great Britain team.

“He would help the club in whatever way he could,” says Leslie.

One Saturday he went to watch the A team at Knowsley Road and the One Touch judge failed to turn up, so… [Chairman] Harry Cook told him to run the line, otherwise the match would be adjourned, which he did. One of the nice touches happened in Cardiff during the 2004 Challenge Cupinal,” she recalls.

“It wasrank’s birthday and RFL put his name on the big screen in the interval. A sweet moment for all of us.”

The Saints Club and everyone who knew him send condolences to Leslie, along with sons Glenn and Phillip and grandchildren Coco, Tiger and Leo at this sad time.

rank’s funeral service is taking place at St Helens Crematorium on Thursday 19th January at 11:30am.