List of SSBU tiers – Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters

The latest installment of Nintendo’s legendary platform fighter is one of the best competitive gaming experiences ever. rom crushing each other on the couch to throwing in tournaments, there’s nothing quite like Smash. Everyone has their own master, but when you want to win a match, why not choose a higher tier?

S-Tier characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ultimate


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When the main characters from Minecraft arrived in Smash Bros. , fans rejoiced at seeing the meme come to life. Not much thought has been given to how they are in the game. However, Nintendo shocked the world with its innovative mining and crafting based gameplay. While playing as Steve, you can collect materials and transform them into more powerful weapons. You can also build structures, and this is where the shenanigans come into play.

The female skin of Steve and Alex has a set of powerful attacks and a massive arsenal of ways to troll enemies. He’s strong and fast, his move-set is unique, and he’s unparalleled when it comes to protection. He’s not much used at range and his recovery isn’t great, but Steve is a terror in almost any match.

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Pera / Mithra

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Twin heroines from the Xenoblade franchise appear in Smash as a duo. She is one of the last characters added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ultimate Pyra is one of the strongest characters in the game while Mythra is among the fastest. They are almost comically capable in combat, but work best as a double action. Players immediately learned to use Mythra to increase enemy damage before switching to Pyra to send enemies back home.

The only major weakness of Pyra/Mythra is its poor healing abilities. If they get kicked out, it can be difficult to get them back. However, Mythra is fast as light and hits Pyra like a truck, so there’s not much to complain about.


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The game bot that reinvigorated the NES has joined the Smash Bros. universe. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Brawl. It wasn’t particularly popular at the time, but it has become a real nightmare in the modern meta. His movement and projectiles allow him to control the stage from anywhere and he has a lot of excellent killing moves.

ROB isn’t quite as brittle, but it’s easy to hit and easy to put together. The difference between his strongest moves makes him punish easily. If you lose focus, it can be disastrous, but if ROB can keep its rhythm, it can’t be stopped.

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The most stylish character in the game. The main thing that everyone loves to hate. The horror of every online gamer. Joker is the protagonist of Persona 5 and his presence on Nintendo’s roster was quite a surprise. He is incredibly fast and deadly, but when Arsene activates, he is completely unstoppable. His entire set is dedicated to activating his powerful comic fixation, which often causes enemies to jump right off the stage.

The Joker will find it difficult to drive off enemies and return to the stage without Arsene. It also lacks any powerful options outside of the shield, but every Smash player has seen what it can do in the right context.


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It’s strange to see exactly one representative from the Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The original still occupies a slot on the upper level. Pikachu is fast, hard-hitting, and incredibly capable in combat. If you’re new to combos in Smash, take Pikachu to the lab and see what happens. Almost every instrument in his collection is struck multiple times and quickly switches to other movements. Some of the main Pikachu tubes have been dedicated to this mouse for over 20 years.

Pikachu is very light, but his healing is excellent. You won’t see success right away with Pikachu, but when you learn a few good combos, it will be a favorite of almost any gamer. This symbol was going strong in the 90’s and has only gotten better.

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SSBU Tier List – Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters