Lil Nas X Tweets About Maybe ‘A Little Bisexual’

Is it a little… you know?

After being celebrated for years as a gay rapper, several times referring to his queerness in songs, performances, music videos, and social media posts, Lil Nas X has now shared a new tweet about possibly identifying as bisexual.

The rapper wrote:

“Be my friend. Would you be mad at me if you thought I was a little bisexual?”

Everything X shares on social media should be taken into consideration, as the rapper is known for joking, trolling, and He doesn’t take himself too seriously. It seemed like the tone of his “bisexual coming out” tweet might be funny, but maybe the rapper meant it.

“This was the last time I ever walked out of my closet,” Nas X wrote in a follow-up tweet.

He then retweeted a fan who wrote, “You’re not bisexual [n-word] You just bi yourself [laughing emoji]. “

photo: Twitter (@lilnasx)

It’s still unclear if X now officially identifies as bisexual, or if he was just joking and some people take him seriously. Either way, we will always love X and his music – however he defines himself!

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