How to unlock Wind-up Aidoneus minion ininalantasy XIV

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Ininalantasy XIV Patch 6.3, a Wind-up minion version of Endwalker’s Emet-Selch form was added. This Wind-up Aidoneus minion is not explicitly called Emet-Selch, but it is clear to everyone that he is. Here’s how to open Wind-up Aidoneus

How to get Wind-up Aidoneus minion inFXIV

The Wind-up Aidoneus minion is a bonus from the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon dungeon. The minion has a chance to appear in any of the treasure chests from that dungeon. In addition, Wind-up Aidoneus is also tradable and marketable. This means that you may be able to locate on the market board.

However, due to the difficulty in obtaining a customer, he is currently selling several million gels. This price will decrease over time, but it will likely remain expensive for the foreseeable future.

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What is Wind-up Aidoneus?

The Wind-up Aidoneus is a representation of Emet-Selch, the main villain of the Shadowbringers, and one of our primary allies in the Endwalker. We first met Emet-Selch in Shadowbringers, but his true form was only revealed in Endwalker.

In Greek mythology, Aidoneus was a king who was the husband of Persephone. However, in some myths, the role of Aidoneus is replaced by Hades, lord of the underworld. We know from the Shadowbringers and Endwalker that Emet-Selch’s real name is Hades, while Emet-Selch is just his nickname. A little wordplay about naming this client!

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How to unlock the Wind-up Aidoneus minion ininalantasy XIV