Census 2021:irst figures for LGBT people in St Helens revealed !

Full details about Census 2021:irst figures for LGBT people in St Helens revealed

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New data covering sexual orientation and gender identity for St Helens has been revealed in the latest release of the 2021 Census results.

LGBT data is conducted every ten years, and participated in the census for the first time, which provides estimates for the characteristics of all people and households in England and Wales.

The new data will help provide better quality information to LGBT communities, with the hope that they can monitor and support improved legislation as well as equality and anti-discrimination laws.

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gender identity

or the first time, people were asked if their gender matched their registered gender at birth or if they identified as transgender or non-binary.

In St Helens, 143,771 (95.48%) said they had a gender identity similar to their registered sex at birth.

256 people (0.17%) said they had a gender identity different from their sex on record at birth, but no specific identity was established.

92 (0.06%) identified themselves as a trans woman, while 122 (0.08%) said they were a trans man.

orty people (0.03%) registered as not intersex, meaning they do not conform to traditional gender structures, and 33 (0.02%) said they had another gender identity.

Overall, 6256 (4.15%) people did not answer the question.

Across England, 45.7 million (94.0%) residents aged 16 and over) answered the question.

In total, 45.4 million (93.5%) stated that their gender identity matched the one assigned to them at birth while 262,000 (0.5%) identified as transgender.

sexual orientation

The sexual orientation question was also new to the 2021 census.

In St Helens, 138,290 (91.41%) answered the question as straight or heterosexual.

2,407 (1.42%) of people said they identified as gay or lesbian.

1,335 (0.87%) said they were bisexual and were attracted to both sexes.

348 (0.15%) identified as heterosexual, which is defined as being sexually attracted to someone regardless of gender or gender, while 98 (0.04%) identified as asexual, which is described as feeling no sexual attraction to anyone Person.

14151 (6.09%) people did not answer the question.

Across the country, 43.4 million people (89.4% of the population ages 16 and over) identify as straight or heterosexual.

748,000 (1.5%) described themselves as gay or lesbian, while 624,000 (1.3%) described themselves as bisexual.

165,000 (0.3%) chose “other sexual orientation”.