A ban on single-use plastics came into effect in England in October !

Full details about A ban on single-use plastics came into effect in England in October

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The government has announced that the provision of single-use plastic cutlery, plates and bowls by restaurants and takeaways will be banned in October.

The ban, which will affect England, was introduced as a way to deal with a growing plastic problem across the country.

While the move was welcomed by green groups, they said more could be done to stop packaging going straight to landfills with The British Takeaway campaign telling the BBC more needed to be done to help companies implement this.

BTC also said that this could mean higher prices as restaurants pass on the price of more expensive packages to consumers.

The Department of Rural Affairs estimates that England uses 2.7 billion single-use cutlery annually, which is cause for concern.

It is expected that this prohibition will be enforced through the use of civil penalties with repeat offenses leading to criminal proceedings.

On the change, Environment Minister Therese Coffey said: “We all know the absolutely devastating effects of plastic on our environment and our wildlife.

“We have listened to the public and banning single-use plastics will continue our vital work of protecting the environment for generations to come.”

Adding, “I’m proud of our efforts in this area: We’ve banned microbeads, restricted the use of lollipops, stirrers, and cotton buds, and our carrier bag fees have reduced sales by more than 97% at supermarkets.”

The government is also currently considering banning commonly scattered items such as wet wipes, tobacco filters and sachets.

Environment Secretary Rebecca Bowe also said the government would “move forward with our ambitious plans for a deposit return scheme for beverage containers and consistent recycling collections in England.”

However, Nina Schrank, plastics campaign leader at Greenpeace, said: “This ad is really just biting around the edges of a giant problem.

“One material ban after another may cause nice headlines for the government, but the reality is that it will not stop the massive amount of plastic the UK produces every year.

“The government needs to announce reuse targets which means supermarkets should follow suit, offering reuse and repacking solutions to their customers that eliminate the need for disposable packaging.

“It urgently needs to end the export of waste abroad, which has led to the opening of landfills in countries like Turkey.

“We also need Defra to end the culture of shudders and delays and introduce the long overdue bottle return system that will stop the billions of bottles and containers being dumped each year.”