WeHo’s ‘real friends’ are called ‘imaginary’

MTV’s WeHo Realriends It has caused quite a stir since its announcement.

Despite marketing itself as “an unfiltered, honest look at a select group of friends who live, love, and pursue their passions in the West Hollywood community,” some people — including Dorian Reno, a cast member on the series — describe it as “fake.” Before the series premiere.

Renaud, CEO of Buttah Skincare, took to his Instagram Stories recently writing, “Theakeriends of WEHO. And I hardly know most of these people. Btw I live in The Valley.”

Underneath he wrote, “But tune in thanks mtv.”

It didn’t stop there, with Renaud taking to Twitter to say “Buttahh Skin is my only true friend lol” and “Chile… I don’t know these people.”

But Renault isn’t the only one calling out real friendsor being anything but.

eat out Actor Chris Salvatore took to Twitter and concluded he was fired from the show, tweeting: “Last year 3 gays from a certain reality show refused to shoot with me because they got an OF, so I got kicked out of the production after shooting for a week. That’s all I can say.. . real time “.

He closed the tweet with an emoji covering his mouth, and while he didn’t call out real friends By name, comments on his tweet showered him with support calling the show a “failure” indeed.

After some setbacks, Salvatore doubled down on his stance and tweeted, “I literally have never worked with more awful people,” as well as, “But I’m going to leave you with this. The person who called me to apologize… err I mean more cash and gaslight sent me nudes a few days ago.” Years “.

Comment on that tweet with a Rick and Morty GIF that says, “Don’t you see the hypocrisy here?”


Watch the drama unfold WeHo Realriendsis set to premiere on MTV onriday, January 20 at 9 PM EST/PT, right after that. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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