The mother of the boy who underwent a heart transplant celebrated its two-year anniversary !

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The proud mother of a young boy who underwent a life-saving heart transplant is urging people to consider talking about donating on the second anniversary of the surgery.

Jack Cathcart of Moss Banks was born in 2015 with a rare and undiagnosed heart condition, which resulted in him having two heart attacks and respiratory arrest.

He has since become the inspiration for Team 1C led by his parents and other parents with children with heart problems at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, who have raised thousands to send surgeons abroad to help other children with heart defects.

St. Helens Star: Jake isn't long before his heart fails which leads to him being rushed to the hospital

Jake attended St Peter and Paul Primary School and was doing very well, until he converted in November 2020 and was rushed to Alder High Children’s Hospital and later flown by helicopter to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

There his parents Claire and Neil are told that Jake has been placed on a registry of organ donors for a new heart. After months of waiting, which resulted in him needing heart surgery in Berlin – the little fighter was able to get enough strength to perform the surgery and in January 2021 he underwent a heart transplant thanks to an organ donation.

He donated his healthy heart valves during the operation – himself saving a life.

St Helens Star: Jake

Now his mother Claire joins in calling on other parents in a similar situation to get parents to have a discussion about organ donation on the second anniversary of his surgery.

Claire said: “The family of baby Jake’s heart is always on my mind.

“Jake is obviously still here because their child died, and I hate that, but I hope in some way that knowing that part of their child lives on and giving Jake so much life as others his age will be some small comfort to them.

“I can’t imagine having to make that decision, but having Jake in the hospital so much in his life we’ve come close to losing him so many times.

“I know it helped us to know that the valves from Jake’s heart went on to save another life – and we are grateful for that every day.

“The guilt is there, but we feel like the best thing we can do is take care of that heart.

“We are so proud of Jake, but that baby and family’s gesture to donate has never been out of our minds, especially since his two-year anniversary has just passed.”

Seven-year-old Jake won the Pride of St Helens Child of Courage award in 2022 for his lifelong bravery.