Is One Piece Odyssey worth it if you’re not an anime fan?

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One Piece Odyssey is a JRPG within a scope Plot A series that will be a delight for anime/manga fans. But at its core, it’s still a JRPG, a genre that has many fans. This may leave those who are not a fan of it Plot I wonder if One Piece Odyssey is worth playing.

Should you play One Piece Odyssey if you are not a fan of the anime?

Whether or not One Piece Odyssey is worth playing remains to be seen Not one pieceans depend on what you’re looking for. Those looking for a fun, simple JRPG that doesn’t overstay its welcome will be happy with One Piece Odyssey. However, those looking for a large-scale JRPG will find One Piece Odyssey lacking in this regard. In general, we I recommend One Piece Odyssey Because it’s easy to pick up and play the title.

One Piece Odyssey Reasonably paced JRPG, about 30 hours, most players can pick it up and enjoy. The world is not completely open world but it features large areas that allow players to explore. You will not feel lost because the game shows where to go. Resources, tasks, and more are marked on the map and the outside world to make it easy to interact with them as well.

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Combat is another area where One Piece Odyssey helps its players. The whole thing is relatively easy, mostly because combat triangle Speed, power and technique. Each is strong and weak against another type, which means you can easily plan which party member you want to use. This is enhanced by the ability to swap party Commands and members are in the midst of battle.

A combination of One Piece Odyssey easy to use And Concept The combat and exploration mechanics allow the world of One Piece to shine. It perfectly captures the humor and personality of the series, thanks to help from Eiichiro Oda, creator of the series Plot. This makes him so nonPlotans can enjoy the game.

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Is One Piece Odyssey worth it if you’re not a fan of the anime?