How to upgrade and strengthen skills in One Piece Odyssey

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One Piece Odyssey is a hacking adventure experience set in the world of the popular anime and manga, Plot. You can play as one of your favorite characters as you explore a new world, complete quests, and fight enemies in unique turn-based combat. Each character has special skills that they can use in battle. You can upgrade these skills to become more deadly, but you’ll need to find rare materials that harbor parts of their abilities.

How to level up skills in One Piece Odyssey

The higher your level, the more your character’s stats will be, making them stronger in battle. However, to upgrade their skills, you will need special cube parts. With Cuberagments, you can boost their abilities with the Crew Menu and unlock the Skill Up menu with s or triangle on the character you wish to examine.

What are the fighting skills?

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Battle Skills are abilities that the Crew can use during an Encounter Battle Sequence. They deal damage to your enemies and, when upgraded, can be more powerful and have better effects. The empty circles next to the skill level represent the number of times you can upgrade to the current level. Clicking on it will allow you to place the pieces of the cube you currently own into it.

What are field skills?

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Field skills are abilities that your crew uses outside of battle as you explore different open areas. These capabilities are used to break open containers and blockages or to reach high or low spaces. These skills can also be upgraded, but only when they reveal open spaces next to them for you to place the cubes in. If the description shows a full character, it means that the skill is already at the maximum level and currently cannot be upgraded further.

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How to get cube parts in One Piece Odyssey

To upgrade your abilities, you need to find the parts of the cube that contain parts of your power. As the story continues, these bright green glowing cubes are scattered all over the map. You can pick them up just like any other loot. However, pay close attention to the type of cube you pick up; They are explicitly assigned to each individual and will only upgrade that character’s abilities and not anyone else’s.

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How to upgrade & power up skills in One Piece Odyssey