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Reaching V4 in any race is a quick way to start smashing enemies into Bloxruits. Surprisingly, one of the best races to get to the V4 is a human too. While it’s one of the previous classes players usually get, V4 simply takes it to a new level. However, getting it will take some time.

How can players of Bloxruits unlock Human V4?

Before starting this mission, Bloxruits players will want to do a few things beforehand. irst of all, Human V2 and V3 are obviously required to get the 4th upgrade. Secondly, players must defeat rip_indra for this to work. Players need three Haki colors plus a God’s Cup to spawn rip_indra.

Once that’s been taken care of, players should head to the stone table where King Red Head is being held (inside the castle by the sea). King Red Head will say some words, after which the players must head to the great tree.

After reaching the top, there will be an NPC named MISC. Talk to them, and the player will be transported to the Temple of Time. Inside the Time Temple there will be another NPC to talk to. After that, the player will be sent from the Great Tree.

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Once this happens, players can return to King Red Head’s tablet, where he will state that powers work best “under the light of a full moon.” While players wait for that full moon to continue the mission, though, it’s a good idea to pick up a fractal mirror.

To obtain a fractal mirror, players will need to defeat the Cake King, which can be appropriately produced with a Cake Chalice (God’s Cup made of 10 concocted cacao). As soon as the full moon appears, head to Mirage Island with theractal Mirror. ind the highest point on Mirage Island, use the human ability and stare at the moon for 15 seconds.

This results in a light blue gear somewhere on the island. Once players catch this, they can return to the Time Temple. It’s best to do this right away, otherwise players will need to wait for the next full moon to try again.

In Temple of Time, players will need at least two other players of different races to be there as well. Each player must stand at their race door and activate the race ability. This will open the door to specific experiences, which will be the experience of strength for those who use human ability.

The Trial of Strength is basically a boss rally. Players will have one minute to defeat the boss, after which they will enter another room to fight against other players who have entered the Time Temple. This may sound a little tricky, but after winning this players simply need to put the gear they found in the ancient clock and they will have awakened the Human V4.

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How to get Human V4 in Bloxruits – Roblox