Carlisle barbershop shooting suspect in us 15 marshal wanted arrest

WASHINGTON, DC (WHTM) — A Pennsylvania man who was on the United States’ifteen Most Wanted List has been arrested in connection with the May 22, 2021, shooting death of Kendall Jerome Cook at GQ Barbershop by the US Marshals inlorida in the morning ofriday, January 13, 2023. .

Michael Anthony Baltimore, 44, was placed on the list of the fifteen most wanted people in the United States in June 2022.

Baltimore was wanted by the Carlisle Police Department and U.S. Marshals for murder, assault, and parole violations.

Baltimore, who worked as Cook’s barber until 2019, allegedly shot and killed Cook, owner of GQ Barbershop.

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Baltimore has also appeared in several episodes of 90 Dayiancé, a reality TV show on TLC.

According to a statement from the US Marshals, police in Davie,lorida, were called to an altercation at a bar where a man allegedly struck an employee while holding a knife and threatened to get a firearm from his car before leaving.

The police found the suspect’s car at about 2:41 am on January 13, 2023, and detained two people in a traffic stop.

The driver, a woman, was released after it was determined that she did not own the car and was not involved in the bar fight. The other passenger, who the victim identified as Baltimore, was arrested. Later fingerprint scans confirmed Baltimore’s identity.

According to a press release, when police arrested Baltimore, they seized 2.3 grams of fentanyl, a loaded handgun, more than 200 grams of marijuana, and 818 ecstasy pills.

The US Marshals Service says Baltimore gave a fake name tolorida police, and three fake ID cards with Baltimore’s picture were also found in the car.

Baltimore is currently being held inlorida and facing domestic charges.

Ronald L. said: Davis, Director of the US Marshals Service: “I want to thank the police officers in Davie,lorida for their diligence in apprehending the fugitive.” “I also greatly appreciate the efforts of our partners in Cumberland County who have worked on this case. I hope his arrest will bring some relief and comfort to the families of his victims.”

Cumberland County District Attorney Sean M. McCormack also commented on the Baltimore arrest.

“We were very pleased to hear that Michael Baltimore was arrested early this morning inlorida. I commend the police officers in Davie,lorida, for their vigilant response and safe apprehension in Baltimore. I also want to commend the US Marshals Service and Carlisle Police for their continued efforts during “Now that he is in custody, we can finally begin court proceedings as he will face first-degree murder charges in the May 22, 2021 shooting of Kindle Cook at the GQ Barber Shop in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.”

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