A Delaware man steals $850 in video games from a Lancaster Target

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — A Delaware man allegedly stole 15 video games valued at about $850 from a target in Lancaster. It was later discovered that he had attempted or stolen approximately $30,000 in merchandise from several Target stores.

According to the Mannheim Township Police Department, 27-year-old Juan Hernandez Pedulla of Delaware was charged with retail theft and possession of a controlled substance after he was found to be in possession of 15 video games he allegedly stole from the Target located onruitville Pike in Lancaster.

A witness at Target who was watching store surveillance footage saw Hernandez-Bedolla collect video games and other items around the store. Police say Hernandez Pedulla passed all points of sale and walked out of the store by paying.

An officer arrived at the scene, arrested Hernandez Pedulla and searched him. Police found that the suspected oxycodone pills were in Hernandez Pedulla’s possession. Police said a total of 15 video games worth $849.85 were also recovered from Hernandez Pedulla.

According to the police, Hernandez Pedulla was found to have previous retail theft convictions. A compilation of the target’s case file was filed on Hernandez-Bedolla and showed that he stole or attempted to steal $29,699 worth of merchandise across multiple target stores.

A criminal complaint has been filed against Hernandez-Bedolla, and he is bound on $25,000 bail.