National treasure: edge of history episode 6 release date, time, and what to expect

The new Disney+ adventure series, National Treasure: The Edge of Historyis a continuation of the successful film franchise national treasure. The series is beloved not only by die-hard fans of the film series, but new viewers as well.

The first season of Edge of History is halfway through, with five episodes aired. ans are now excited to see what new adventures are in store Jess as she continues her quest to uncover her past and save the treasure. But whenever you want National Treasure: Edge of History season 1, episode 6 coming out? Read on to find out.

National treasure: edge of history season 1 episode 6 release date and time

The sixth episode of the show will be released on Disney+ on Wednesday, January 11th at 12AM PT / 3AM EST / 8AM BST. The episode will be around 45 minutes long, keeping up with previous installments. The first season of the show is scheduled to feature 10 episodes that air weekly on Wednesdays and will run untilebruary 8th.

You will need an active Disney+ subscription to watch the series. The streaming platform offers two types of plans: Ads Plan at $7.99 per month and No Ads Plan at $10.99 per month. An annual plan without ads is also available at $109.99. Disney+ does not offer a free trial to its new users.

What do you expect from National Treasure: Edge of History episode 6?

The next episode was titled “Frenemies”. Disney has revealed the official synopsis for the episode. It reads, “Not knowing who is good and who is bad, Jess works with Billy and unearths hundreds of years old evidence pointing to a famous 18th century landmark.”

Together, they plan an impossible heist during a historical re-enactment to retrieve the next piece of the treasure map. But things don’t go as planned, and Jess is finally faced with the toughest decision of her life.”

In the previous episode, we saw Jess and Ethan perform a romantic dance on Lady Gaga bad romance During the Governor’s Ball, much to the disappointment of Liam and Mina. Next episode Now you’re going to be surprised if the two continue to grow closer or don’t stay together.

Meanwhile, Liam stole the magazine, and blamed it on Jess instead. She had to run away from the place with Billy. We will now see how the two continue to evade the authorities.

Justin Bartha will reprise his role in the series

In upcoming episodes, Justin Bartha will appear as Riley Paul, a role he played in the National Treasure film series. Harvey Keitel, who played formerBI agent Peter Sadoski in the films, has also been seen reprising his role in the TV show.

The main cast includes Lisette Oliveira as Jess, Zuri Reed as Tasha, Antonio Cipriano as Orin, Jordan Rodriguez as Ethan, Jake Austin Walker as Liam, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Billy, Lyndon Smith as Agent Ross, and Breda Woll as Cassie.

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