The release of Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti after she was imprisoned for supporting the protests

On Wednesday, Iranian state media reported that the great Iranian actress, Taraneh Alidoosti, was released on bail after she was imprisoned for supporting the protests.

After being held for weeks for criticizing the government’s crackdown on anti-government protests that have rocked the Islamic Republic over the past months, she was finally released on bail.

Bail was given to the actress by her arrest

On Sunday, a local media report stated that the famous Iranian actress, who was arrested last month after supporting months-long protests across the country, was released on bail after being arrested on charges of spreading lies, according to local reports.

Taraneh Alidoosti, who starred in the Oscar-winning Asghararhadi film, has been released on bail, the official Iranian news agency ISNA reported on Wednesday. Two hours earlier, her mother, Nadira Hakim Elahi, had posted on Instagram that her daughter was about to be released.

Alidoosti’s lawyer, Zahra Minoui, told the semi-official ISNA news site Wednesday afternoon that Alidoosti was released today after posting bail, according to the semi-official website.

More than 600 artists and filmmakers joined to demand Alidoosti’s release in an open letter recently signed by more than 600 people. In addition to condemning her arrest, the Cannesilmestival urged her release as soon as possible.

On December 17, Alidoosti was sentenced to prison

During protests that erupted across the country in September following the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, in the custody of the morality police, Alidoosti was jailed on December 17 for expressing solidarity with the first man executed for alleged crimes.

This actress was among the many Iranian celebrities who have supported the protests, criticizing the government’s violent crackdown on dissidents and the government’s methods of repression. The largest protests the country has seen since the 1979 revolution have erupted over the past four months since Amini’s death.

The Shiite-ruled Islamic Republic has faced, since the 1979 revolution, a series of challenges to legitimacy, which erupted after the death of a young Kurdish woman in detention by the morality police, which constituted one of the biggest challenges to legitimacy since the 1979 revolution for the Shiite-ruled Islamic Republic.

Protests have continued across the country since Amini’s death, with people calling for the overthrow of the country’s clerical rulers demanding that women’s headscarves be removed, removed and burned in a show of anger.

As an expression of solidarity with the demonstrations in which women played a prominent role, dozens of Iranian actresses and artists resorted to social networking sites to publish their photos without the obligatory veil.

Abu Tarana Al-Adosty

In 1984, he was born in Tehran on January 12th. Alidoosti’s father, Hamid Alidoosti, was a member of the Iran national football team. She started her acting career in 2000 after attending the Amine Tarukh School of Acting. Anna Taraneh, 15 (2002), which has since become a hit, was her first film role.

The 55th Locarnoilmestival awarded her the Silver Tiger Medal, and theajrestival, the largest film festival in Iran, awarded her Crystal Simorgh. The next time she appeared was three years later, in Madinat Jameela (2004) (Beautiful City), directed by Asghararhadi. Her subsequent films with Asghararhadi areireworks Wednesday (2006) and About Elly (2009).

She is also slated to appear in the October 2008 release of Kannan (2008) by Mani Haqiqi. This isarouz Karim Masihi’s latest film, Doubt (2009), which is currently shooting in Tehran. Mohammad Rahmanian wrote and directed two plays that also featured her.

However, the actress has now been released from prison and is back home. So do you think it deserves your support? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.