Frida Gustafsson shares how she landed at the ‘ER’ hospital dressed as a Viking, covered in blood

Swedish model and actress,rida Gustafsson, who is currently starring as the mighty Viking warriorreydis Eriksdotter in Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla, shared a crazy story about going to the emergency room in her Viking costume. While appearing on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, the 29-year-old model also shared details about her current role in the series, and how proud she was when she landed the role of a Viking, something that is an integral part of Swedish culture.

break, landing in the ER in style

Kelly Clarkson felt like a dwarf as the 6’1 Swedish supermodelrida Gustafsson appeared on her show to share stories from her current Netflix series, “Vikings: Valhalla.” While praising the show, Kelly askedrieda, “Have you ever been hurt? There are such great stunts that you do!”riday responded that it was an action packed show and even though she was very athletic, and even though she was doing all her own stunts, “with So, injuries sometimes come.”

While sharing that she’s got two scars on her hands,rida shared an example where they were about to shoot and were doing last rehearsal, and she had a major removal — a big guy at 6’7. She said, “I choke him with my bracelet and we do a great wrestling remove, and of course, he slides, and he lands on my elbow.”

Frieda reveals that she had a fracture and had to go to the hospital, wearing her full warrior outfit. “It’s the middle of a pandemic so no one from production can come with me.” She appeared in the hospital, she said, looking like a Viking, covered in blood, in full armor.

She said, “People in the hospital were like, What’s going on!” She had just been taken to the hospital and I had to go to the emergency room in this outfit and they were like, “What happened to her?” This was really crazy, especially in the midst of a pandemic when people were already hysterical. Well, if I were there, I would definitely believe her to be a real Viking.

Frida character on Vikings: Valhalla

Frida Gustavsson playsreydis Eriksdotter in Netflix’s “Vikings: Valhalla”. reydis was an Icelandic woman, daughter of Erik the Red, who figured prominently in the Nordic exploration of North America as an early colonizer of Vinland. She was the brother of Leif Erikson, who is credited with the area’s early history with first European contact.

When asked about her character in the series by Kelly Clarkson,rieda explained: “I playreydis Eriksdotter who is one of the most bloodthirsty women of the Viking Age. She is the sister of Leif Ericsson, and I’m sure people know a lot about her.”

She continued, “We are a continuation of the original show ‘Vikings’ and we are 150 years later. The current series chronicles the most famous Vikings who ever lived.” Kelly curiously asked, “Do you all study, as you live in Sweden, whenever you are a child, study that?”

Frida replied, “Yes, we do. Being Swedes, the Vikings are a huge part of our culture.” She explains that she’s really proud that I got my heritage, and funnily enough, my dad’s name is also Lev, like my brother on the show.” She also revealed that her nickname growing up wasreydis.”

Interestingly,rida recently married Marcel Engdahl and lived in Ireland for three years, where she filmed three seasons of Vikings: Valhalla. This way, she will be able to spend more time with her family. rida added that Ireland is a very beautiful place, especially the people and the music there.

Previously Victoria’s Secret’s Angelrida Gustafsson spoke of the huge responsibility of joining the ‘Vikings’ world and the Netflix family. In a previous interview, she said, “I went for a walk with my dad, who’s a history buff. The Vikings left all these wonderful runes – they set up stones with letters carved into the Elderutark alphabet, which is the 1,000-year-old Swedish alphabet.”

“It’s a small vestige of a long time, but it’s still scattered all over the area where I live and tells little messages of what it was like to live there and back after traveling to England and coming home with gold,” he added of the Vikings.

Well, the gorgeous woman had to do her bit of research and study for the role and she’s come a long way. “The most special thing was seeing young women all over the world watching the show and sending me little notes responding to my character. It meant the world to me,” she revealed.

Searching for the role helped her rediscover her Scandinavian heritage in a “whole new way,” and she loved the cool, zany camping trips she took with the “Vikings: Valhalla” cast in remote Ireland between shoots.

If you haven’t watched “Vikings: Valhalla,” the historical drama series produced by Jeb Stuart is a sequel to the History Channel’s “Vikings,” and filmed in Country Wicklow, Ireland. Set one hundred years after the events of VikingsThe series chronicles the beginning of the end of the Viking Age, marked by the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

The 8-episode Netflix series premiered onebruary 28, 2022. Seasons 2 and 3 were renewed in March 2022. Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 is scheduled for release on January 12, 2023. So get ready to seerida and the other Vikings in full action. Did you see the previous season? Who is your favorite character?