Annitaeels 2023 Grammy Nomination is a boost to her success in America, sparking new music

Brazilian singer Anita, whose real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado, is nailing it in her career. rom her recent Grammy nomination for Best New Artist to reminiscing about success in America, Anita broke her heart in a recent interview with ‘Billboard’. Read on to find out the real Anita, who wants to rock Americans with her unique musical style.

Anita’s place during Grammy nomination

Billboard’s Katy Payne unleashed some tantalizing questions on Grammy-nominated singer and all-around powerhouse Anita in a recent interview. While congratulating her on her current 2023 Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist, Katy asked Anitta, “What were you doing when you found out you were nominated?”

Anita revealed that she was hosting the Latin Grammys in Vegas when her 2023 Grammy nominations were announced. How about being the ‘Best New Artist?’ Katie asked another question. Anita said: “As a Best New Artist, some people in Brazil might say oh no, it’s not a new artist but in Brazil, I’ve been working for 12 years. But again, for America, it’s definitely just getting started.

Finding success in America

Anita revealed that although she has worked for a long time in Brazil, she is just getting started in America, and being nominated for a Grammy Award is a big deal in such a short time. “It’s completely different, it’s very difficult for me to reach that other level of jumping into another market and working there.or me, it’s a new artist, because for me it’s a new career from scratch.”

“How do you think winning a Grammy would lead to your career?” Katie casually asked. Anita revealed that the last time a Brazilian woman was in the same place she was now was 57 years ago. “This was Tom’s job in the studio with the girl from Ipanema, and now I’m singing the girl from Rio,” she expressed while referring to the OG.

Anita expressed her concern: “It’s not about making things happen in my language because people aren’t used to the sound of it yet.” However, she did admit that people are definitely preparing for the Portuguese. She revealed that people are now used to her Portuguese songs in concerts. Of course, she does some add-ons for them to enjoy her songs.

Brazil’s number one pop star, Anita is no stranger to working hard. She has come a long way from growing up in the slums of Rio, to becoming the most recognized Brazilian talent. In these years, she has managed to win back many international and local awards.

And it would be rare not to find her music at the top of the Brazilian charts. She revealed in 2020: “I don’t think I have the best voice, and I don’t think I’m the best dancer. I’m someone who puts a lot of effort into learning and doing things right. I’m very dedicated, very focused.”

Anita’s studio albums include Anita (2013), Ritmo perfetto (2014), alive! (2015), kisses (2019) and versions about me (2022). Apart from singing, she has also appeared in several Brazilian films and TV shows. Well, she’s already starting to rock America with her unique style of music, and the Grammy nomination is definitely a boost.

Anita’s unique position on the international stage…

If we talk about her music, Anita’s roots go back to Brazilian funk, also called “baile funk” and “funk carioca”, a distinctive musical style that was born in Rio and parallels hip-hop. She is a native speaker of Portuguese, but is fluent in Spanish and English. Well, she has a good knowledge of Italian too. Back in 2020, her single, “Me Gusta”, caused a crack painting Hot 100, making it her first breakthrough on that list.

Speaking about the pressures of working in America, she previously revealed “I’m not competing with anyone. But then, that was 2020, and Anita has come a long way since then. The Brazilian artist is gradually becoming a household name in the US and people are already enjoying her music.”

And guess what? Her confidence is a testament to the “ways in which cultural power has shifted globally, and more decentralized than ever.” This is a good reminder that she holds a unique position internationally compared to other skilled artists.

Anitta’s mission is to bring Brazil’s new offerings to the world. This is the right goal for the artist and she is very much committed to it. Previously, Anita explained: “My father’s family, they’re all black. My mom’s family, they’re all white. I’m in the middle. I was born into this community that’s not deep within a favela, but the periphery. What I try to do is always listen.” .

She explained that she had traveled the world giving people an understanding of funk and “ghetto” music – favela music. “I’ve traveled a lot trying to educate people about funk and ‘ghetto’ music – favela music – coming from Brazil to other countries and other artists,”

“Funk music for example—it’s also a challenge making it play for the Latino world. So I’m aligning and switching up cultures, people, actors.” She worked with reggaeton stars such as J Balvin and American pop producers such as Ryan Tedder to create a “hybrid sound that combines beats and originals”.

In this interview, Anita expresses her desire to have the freedom to show her true culture and is working on a new album, which is “full funk” and is all about her culture so people know that “well, that’s it”. “For me, this whole moment was really building the foundation for me to really present my culture,” she added. Well, girl kill it but we have a long way to go. And yes, some new music is on the way!