Union Bank Unveils Brand New Sonic Identity – The Sound of Union

Bank al Etihad has unveiled a new sonic identity – The Voice of the Union.

NewsOnline reports it Union Bank of Nigeria Launched a new audio identity called “The Sound of Union”. After 105 years, Bank is now leveraging the universality of music to engage with new and existing audiences through this unique sonic identity.

Bank has leveraged prolific and award-winning music producer Tee-Y Mix to create a timeless sound and interpret it across multiple genres for generations today and tomorrow.

Speaking on The Sound of Union during the official unveiling of the Twitter Space, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem, Head of Brand and Marketing at Union Bank, spoke about why the bank disclosed the intact identity at this time. She said:

“Over the past two years, Bank Al Etihad has undergone significant evolution and as a team, we are constantly thinking of ways to connect with our audiences – new and existing. After 105 years, we are entering a new era of identity and the sound of Al Etihad represents a milestone for us. We have produced a distinctive tone and musical melody that spansive musical genres inspired by our local culture to connect with audiences across different geographies. We believe we are the first Nigerian bank to create an identity using sound, not just a song or a one-off reward. This launch underscores our commitment to providing the simplest and smartest solutions while delivering the best experience to our customers.”

To launch Sound Identity, Union Bank partnered with Boomplay to release an EP that would include the five types of melody which would make the EP available exclusively to Boomplay subscribers for a period before it was available on other platforms.

Also commenting during the Twitter Space, about the audio distribution partnership between Union Bank and Boomplay, James Afwabe, Director of Marketing at Boomplay said:

“Boomplay is the largest and fastest growing streaming platform in Africa and we are excited to build and sustain a culture of music and consumption in Africa. We do this by leveraging partnerships and collaborations and this partnership with Union Bank was one we could not afford to miss. Sound of Union is a unique project, and we are honored to use Our platform to help amplify the voice.”

The Sound of Union EP is now streaming exclusively on Boomplay. Click here to listen