Screen Babble #3: The White Lotus, Granite Harbor, and Crime

Alex shows off Granite Harbor, Sarah reveals all about The White Lotus, Kelly catches up to us on Brassick, Westin commits (to watch) the crime

<p> Screen Babble is a new TV podcast with Alex Moreland and Steven Ross </p>
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Screen Babble is a new TV podcast with Alex Moreland and Steven Ross

Screen Babble is your essential guide to everything on TV, from the ordinary to the fringe. NationalWorld podcast producer Kelly Crichton, news and trends expert Stephen Ross, and critic Alex Moreland discuss what’s worth watching and what’s not. This week, we’re also joined by writer Sarah McCann, who helps us take a closer look at the shows everyone’s been talking about.

As always, we start off by discussing what we’ve been watching lately. Stephen was working his way through a stack of DVDs, including the missing Martin Scorsese classic GoncharovKelly was catching up Brassic. Meanwhile, Alex finished watching Andor And the industryand watched an early preview of ITV1’s upcoming political drama stone house.

Next, preview Alex Granite harbour, a new crime drama arriving on BBC One onriday 2 December. Do you have any interesting ideas or topics? (Not really.) How does it compare to shows like DI Ray or The Control Room? (Poor) Is it worth watching? (number.)

Finally, Stephen is reflecting on Irvin Welch’s adaptation of Britbox a crime. How does it measure up to Trainspotting andilth – and is it better than Lilyhammer from last week? Is it worth subscribing to Britbox? And is Stephen looking forward to Series 2?

Screen Babble will also release a short episode everyriday morning that outlines what you should aim to watch over the weekend and beyond. Stephen will take us through what’s new and what’s exciting so you can focus on settling in for some quality viewing.

Listen to this week’s episode here…

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