Why Tinubu Ignored Northern Christians, Settledor Muslim VP- Keyamo

The spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Organization for the presidency of Paula Tinubu and Keshem Chitema in the 2023 elections,estus Kyamo, said that the Northern PNC’s Christians were snubbed for a Muslim MP position for a reason.

newsonline It was reported that Keyamo said it was possible that Paula Tinubu could lose her votes if she chose a Christian from the north as her vice-presidential candidate.

The Minister of State for Labor and Employment said that the GPC presidential candidate who belongs to the Muslim minority in the south cannot be expected to choose a Christian from the minority in the north.

Kayamu, who said this on Tuesday in an interview with BBC Igbo, added that Nigerians are not divided by religion but rather by the selfish interest of religious leaders.

In the interview, a BBC journalist asked, “Northern Christians are not happy with the APC card being given to Muslims. What do you have to say on this subject?”

Keyamo replied, “It is not true that they are not happy, some people make it seem so because of their own selfish interest. Nigerians do not care about religion.”

The journalist further asked, “But why choose the Muslim Muslim ticket? Is there no Northern Christian qualified to be vice president?”

In response, Kiamo said, “It’s not that there are no northern Christians who are eligible for the vice-presidential position, but the problem is that Tinubu is from the Muslim minority area, and Christians are the minority in the north. So, if we choose a northern Christian for the vice-presidential position, it will be It is a Muslim minority and a Christian minority, so there is no way to win elections, that’s the simple truth.”