When is Blackriday 2022? UK sales start date

Blackriday sees retailers offering massive discounts on products and often marks the start of the Christmas shopping season

Blackriday has become one of the biggest shopping days in the UK retail calendar.

Savvy shoppers looking for a bargain have the chance to snap it up when the annual Blackriday sales event takes place.

With potentially huge savings on a variety of products – from high-spec technology to toys – there’s always something to catch your eye.

It also signaled the start of the Christmas shopping season for many, who are keen to make the most of discounted goods to fill their holiday stockings.

Here’s a look at Blackriday 2022 from what it is, to when it happens this year and a look at some of the deals to expect from Currys, Amazon, and more.

What is Blackriday?

Blackriday is one of the busiest days in the retail calendar, as stores see massive sales launch to encourage customer spending.

The day usually marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, giving shoppers the chance to snag some cheap deals on a range of items before the big day.

Blackriday originally started in the US, but has since become an annual event here in the UK and many other countries.

To make the most of the event, many stores open to customers as early as 6am and deals start popping up online from midnight onwards.

When is Blackriday 2022?

Blackriday officially kicks off today,riday, November 25, though eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed deals and discounts popping up in the run-up to the big day. Just like Christmas, preparations start very early and deals seem to turn up earlier than expected with each passing year.

Some retailers like to grab shoppers’ attention early in the month with some deals struck before Blackriday, while others are holding their big discounts until today.

With a lot of online shopping last year, due to various Covid restrictions, there is promise that this year will see one of the largest – if not the largest – Blackridays in the UK.

What Blackriday 2022 deals can I expect?

Amazon It’s usually a leader in Blackriday deals, with a range of deals on items like TVs, cell phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, home appliances, hair and beauty products, and more.

curry Another option for savvy shoppers this Blackriday, with a few deals released ahead of the event, this is one to watch if you’re in need of new tech for Christmas 2022.

argos is another retailer best known for its Blackriday sales, with discounts on video games, consoles, smartwatches, and more to check out just a few items on any Christmas list.

shoes A must-visit retailer for beauty lovers during Blackriday, they have a variety of deals on toiletries, health, skincare, fragrances, beauty electrics and more.

Fans of Apple products will also know that the retailer itself doesn’t participate in sales events, but third-party sellers like Amazon and Currys often sell discounted Apple merchandise on Blackriday.

Most retailers – incl Marks and Spencer And more than that – you tend to get Blackriday deals.

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