Ukraine War, Covid-19 Not To Blame, Peter Obi Reacts To NBS Poverty Report

Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi said the 133 million poor Nigerians as reported by NBS should not be blamed on the Ukraine war or Covid-19, but on the government failing to provide basic necessities to citizens.

newsonline It was reported that Peter Obi said that the National Bureau of Statistics report showed that more than 133 million Nigerians live in poverty, most of them in rural areas which is a national crisis caused by corrupt leaders who have been in government over the years.

The former Governor of Anambra State also lamented that 27 percent of school-age children are out of school and poor, 29 percent of all school-age children do not go to school, and 94 percent of out-of-school children are very poor.

Obi said: “Rural areas of Nigeria are trapped in extreme poverty; we are leaving our children miserable and uneducated. 27 percent of school-age children are out of school and poor, 29 percent of all school-age children do not attend school, and 94 percent of out-of-school children are very poor.”

“The Multidimensional Poverty Index is the best mirror of the failure of governance in the country. Despite trillions in oil revenues, despite trillions of naira borrowed to develop infrastructure, nearly half of Nigerians are poor and nearly two-thirds of Nigerians do not have access to sanitation. They do not have access to basic education, lack basic nutrition, and do not visit hospitals.

It is an appalling disgrace and abuse to a country of our vast natural and human resources. The political economy of this report should be made clear to every Nigerian voter because what it simply means is that government is not working.”

Peter Obi continued, “This means that the state works for the few and not for all the citizens of the country. It means that the future is dire for every Nigerian – young or old, rich or poor.”

“The trend of multidimensional poverty if not stopped immediately will harm the capacity and effectiveness of the state, and thus lead to disruption of economic and social policies that will reverse the trend in the future.

If we combine the monstrous financial decline with the great and rampant corruption and the level of incompetence of the general leadership to such a generalized poverty, we shall end up with a completely collapsed state, which will be restored to the state of nature.”

If the poverty rate is not caught, Nigeria will be a security for West Africa, said the Labor Party presidential candidate with an expectation that Nigeria’s population in the next 28 years may be 400 million.

“Unless the situation is stopped, as our population is expected to reach 400 million in the next 28 years, Nigeria will become a security risk for the entire sub-Saharan Africa,” he said.

This report tells the story of the failure of the government’s economic policy. The government’s failure to invest in basic social and human infrastructure and the lack of commitment to the well-being of ordinary Nigerians, especially those living in rural communities, is heartbreaking.

How on earth is it that 63 percent of Nigerians do not have access to the most basic sanitation and nutrition services? Why can’t 63 percent of our citizens go to a clinic or health center within two hours?

The World Bank’s assessment of poverty in Nigeria in 2022 shows that an additional 5.1 million Nigerians became poor this year. He added that even if there had been no pandemic and war in Ukraine, Nigeria would not have been able to reduce its poverty rate by any percentage because the management of politics has no impact on poverty.

Peter Obi called on Nigerians to vote for him in the 2023 elections for a general shift in the country’s economy and security from consumption to production.

He said he is on a mission to take back the country from a few greedy politicians who have stopped the country in corruption to harm the poor and youthful masses who do not have access to basic social amenities and employment.

He said, “Now is the time to end politics as usual, it is time to dissolve the army of greedy and self-righteous politicians in Abuja and elect those who are connected to the people and who share the pains and deprivations of the employed and unemployed.” Abandoned youth, women and disadvantaged children across Nigeria.

“I will disrupt the course of failure and evil in high places throughout Nigeria and I will give Nigerians back their country so that every child can have access to good schools, good drinking water, good sanitation, good health care, good jobs for their parents and the joy of being a citizen of a country that lifts millions from Poverty to shared prosperity.”

He asserted, “If China lifts 750 million people out of poverty in about 20 years and if India reduces poverty from 50 percent to 20 percent in about 15 years, we can do better.

“We can end multidimensional poverty in less than a decade. Let’s do it together, let’s end corruption and inefficiency with our votes.”