Tinubu Has Taken Over Ojukwu’s Legacy As Gburugburu Of Ndigbo- Adamu

ACP leader Adamu Garba said the ACP presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, has appropriated the legacy of Odemwego Chukwuemika Ojukwu as a Gborogoro one of Ndegbo.

newsonline Reports said Adamu said this in response to Ebonyi State’s Tinubu campaign outing on Thursday at Abakaliki Township Stadium.

Adamu said, “Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the true next Mazi Gborugburo who has clearly taken upon himself the legacy of President Chukwuemika Odumegu Ojukwu. The southeast is also closed.”

Garba criticized former Secretary of the Union Government, Babachir Lawal and Labor Party spokesperson, Kenneth Okonkwo for the attacks on the APC candidate while he was speaking on TV channels programmes.

Babachir Lawal along with other members of the Northern Christian People’s Congress party leaders on Thursday endorsed LP’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, for the 2023 presidential election.

Babchir further revealed that in the run-up to the APC presidential primaries in June, Tinubu had allegedly said he did not want to vote in the southeast of the country.

Lawal also alleged that the former governor of Lagos and his running mate hate the people of the southeast.

Also, Kenneth Okonkwo, a Nollywood veteran, said while speaking Thursday night on the channel’s Politics Today show that Tinubu had lost consciousness.

Kenneth said this was responsible for the many incoherent statements and gaffes the APC presidential candidate made at public outings.

In response, Adamu Garba calls the former SS forces confused and Kenneth, an illusion.

Adamu said, ‘The more I hear Babachir Lawal, the more I see someone who doesn’t believe an inch of what he says. completely confused.

“The more I see Kenneth Okonkwo bragging, the more I see the impact of a champion beer in action. They absolutely are.”

Meanwhile, former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, in Abakaleke promised to address all policies that work against business, trade and entrepreneurship for the people of the southeast if he is elected president in the 2023 elections. He reiterated his belief in the entrepreneurial spirit that is the hallmark of the southeast.

“I have a record of encouraging Igbo business and investments in Lagos and I will do more if I become president,” he added.


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