Obi: APC Northern Christian Endorsement Tears APC Leadership- Keyamo Reacts

The leadership of the Tinubu/Chetema Campaign Organization of the ruling Progressive Congress (APC) party responded to the Northern Christian Workers’ group’s endorsement of Labor’s presidential candidate Peter Obi.

newsonline Tinubu campaign organization spokespersonestus Kyamo said the statement on Thursday by the group’s leader, former Union Government Secretary Babisher Lawal, was reported to be the most outrageous in 2022.

Festus Keyamo said, Lawal and his group members’ statement that Tinubu will not get 25 percent of the vote in all Hausa/Fulani states is stupid.

In the statement released yesterday, Babisher Lawal wrote, “Tinubu is counting on unreliable people. He will not get 25 percent in all Hausa andulani states. Now that he has marginalized Christians, he will lose Adamawa, Benue, etc. He cannot even count.” On Yoruba Voices”.

Responding to the Secretary of State for Labor and Employment, Keyamo replied, “40 million registered members; 22 seated rulers; absolute majority in the National Assembly; Our candidate who has been named Best Governor in the last 23 years; The main opposition is in complete disarray with 5 rebel rulers. Not on the ballot? The most ridiculous statement in 2022! “

“Then, out of nowhere, this man Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a well-known dominant Yoruba follower, a man who advocated the creation of a Ministry of Regional Integration in every state government in the south-west geopolitical region that he considers an emperor, a man who moved About him once saying “I don’t believe in one Nigeria” (This Day, Sunday Newspaper, 13 April 1997, p9) comes with a Muslim Muslim. A ticket knowing full well that religion is the foundation in northern Nigeria. The APC card with the same faith is a ploy to broadcast Discord among northerners using the most powerful weapon of social discord – religion. As Karl Max once said – “religion is the opium of the people.” Nigerians of all walks of life should see the Tinubu/Kashim card of same faith as a suggestion from the pit of hell that can only be conjured by The most Machiavellian of minds known to man, and therefore must be rejected by all lovers of our country and its nascent democracy.

On the other hand, Alhaji Kashim Shetima, Vice President in Tinubu is the man who once said ‘restructure my feet, let us restructure our minds.’or eight years, he presided over Borno State at a time when Boko Haram was invading the country almost at will and restructuring The minds of its victims are against Christianity and Western education.The kidnapped Chibok and Dabchi girls and many more are now slowly flowing out of captivity in the Boko Haram camps indoctrinated fully into the Muslim faith and carrying children born in Islam in captivity – a true example of “mind restructuring” if there was one.

“There is also this small matter of the alleged connection of a very close or otherwise between the APC vice-chairman candidate and Boko Haram! And any Christian can forget Boko Haram’s alleged leader Kaberu Sokoto who is accused of complicity in the bombing of St. Teresa Catholic Church in Madullah on Eid Christmas which left 44 people dead and 77 Christian worshipers injured? Or that the aforementioned Kabiru Sokoto was finally apprehended in his hideout in the Borno State Government hostel in Abuja? Is there no justification for Christians to fear a government run by the duo?”

She added, “In our quest for justice and fairness in the social, political and religious space of the country, it is clear that only the Obi/Datti card has the power to speak to the true clamor of the devolution of power to the Southeast. At the same time we speak of the cry of marginalization by our people in the South Eastern.It is clear that a Christian/Islamic Presidency like the Obi/Dati Presidency would be more appropriate at this point in our political journey because we are now transitioning from an Islamic/Christian Presidency.It would also bring about the regional transformation of the Presidency from the current NW/SW to the SE/NW Presidency where voting takes place. This is justice. This is fairness. This is political engineering at its best and it is the architecture of peace and the harmonious coexistence of the various social, political and religious classes of our nation.”