Laura Woods: What did the ITV presenter say about de Lynam’s criticism?

Des Lynam claims Laura Woods’s familiarity with Ian Wright made him ‘wince’

Veteran broadcaster Lynam published an op-ed in The Telegraph criticizing the coverage of social issues and politics during the tournament so far. The 80-year-old also spilled his thoughts on TV presenter Laura Woods and claimed that her ‘too familiar’ with Ian Wright ‘made him wince’.

Lynam explained: “I called Ian Wright Wrighty which sounds comfortable when it comes from the likes of Gary Lineker but it made me feel a little bit irritable. I could be wrong and maybe they’re close friends but too much familiarity made me uncomfortable.” Other critics are Gary Neville and the Dutchman.ormer international Nigel de Jong Laura refrained from calling them Gas or Neg.”

Lynam was one of the most recognizable faces in sports broadcasting during the 1990s and is the former host of BBC programs such as Match of the Day, Sports Night and Grandstand. Lynam later moved to ITV and from 1999 to 2004 hosted the Premier League show while also anchoring ITV’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League. Lynam retired from sports broadcasting in 2004 after the Euro 2004inal.

Lynam’s comments caused a stir on social media and a number of people criticized the former broadcaster’s comments. But how did Woods respond to Lynam’s criticism?

What did Laura Woods say after Dee Lynam’s comments?

Laura Woods has responded to the criticism she has received from de Lynam, claiming that her role as a presenter is of lesser importance compared to the human rights issues and controversies surrounding the tournament in Qatar. Woods responded to the article on Twitter and said, “Jeez. Of all the things covered, this made Des wince?”

Laura Woods has responded to de Lynam’s criticism. (Getty Images)

A number of Twitter users criticized Lynam’s comments as far-fetched. ‘Dinosaur Des’ commented one user while another criticized Lynam for his lack of research and tweeted: ‘The fact that Laura Woods and Ian Wight work together so much on ITV Women’s coverage probably indicates that they are good friends. Perhaps some research on Mr Lynam before doing With a piece that doesn’t fit the Telegraph! Pathetic.”

Lynam was also accused of sexism when making the comment that it would be more comfortable for Gary Lineker to call Ian Wright by his nickname, to which Woods replied: “I found it strange”.

Who is Laura Woods?

In recent years, Woods has established herself as one of the rising stars in the world of sports broadcasting and is best known to most football fans for her role as a sideline reporter on Sky Sports from 2018 until 2022.

Woods has worked in a variety of roles throughout her career for a number of sports publications, and she recently joined Dozen this year and hosts the channels boxing coverage while also anchoring coverage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Woods is a fan of Arsenalootball Club and is a regular presenter of TalkSport’s breakfast show Monday-Wednesday every week.

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