I Didn’t Collect $28m To Blackmail Peter Obi, We Have Political Rift-

Anambra State Governor Charles Solodo said the allegation that he raised $28 million to extort Labor’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, is untrue.

newsonline It was reported that Solodu said that there is no personal rift between the former governor of Anambra State. He said his disagreement with Peter Obi is political.

Soludo said this while speaking to reporters after the 70th Thanksgiving Mass by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oca, Paulinus Isocafor, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Oca, on Thursday.

Soludo said, “There is no rift between Obi and me on a personal level. Neither has kidnapped the other’s wife. What appears to be the rift between us are the underlying political differences. Nothing else.”

The former CBN governor further revealed that he and Peter Obi have agreed to meet next week to address all political differences.

About the fundamental differences that we have, we will meet in the next few weeks. We have agreed to discuss and settle our differences.”

Speaking about allegations that he collected $28 million from the presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar to blackmail Obi, Solodu said he was not involved in the bribery.

He said, “For those who do extortion and all that, including the person who said I collected a bribe to say what I said, I asked them to bring it so that I could use it to build roads for the people of Anambra. If Soludo was on bribery, I would have been a billionaire by now.”

“Today is very special. When we entered the service, it was the first time Obi and I had ever come together at a public event and in the Catholic Church that we both belong to. I think it was divine.”

“When I came, I quickly went over to where he was sitting and hugged him. People watched in bewilderment as if it was a drama, and asked if it wasn’t the same people who were fighting.”

The governor of Anambra State, Solodu, was criticized by everyone including his family for attacking the ambition of the Labor Party’s presidential candidate.

In a lengthy statement he posted on his social media, Solodo said Peter Obi knows he will not win the 2023 election.

Ozuna, Solodo’s son, said his father’s opinion is personal and not the family’s, adding that Peter Obi is the best presidential candidate for the 2023 elections.