Does Apple want to buy Manchester United? Comments by Tim Cook

Apple is exploring the possibility of a juicy £5.8 billion bid for Manchester United, according to reports.

Ownership of the club by the Glazers has long been protested by fans. Since 2005, the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) has been working on a way to return ownership of the club to the fans.

If Apple completes its takeover of Manchester United, it could make the club the richest in the world. That’s all you need to know:

Does Apple want to buy Manchester United?

Daily Star reinstated The American tech giant is considering a bid to buy the Red Devils. The football club was put up for sale by the Glazers this week.

Apple is said to be interested in buying Manchester United, in a move that could cost £5.8 billion. If the purchase goes through, it would make the Premier League the richest club in the world.

Chief executive Tim Cook is said to be keen to explore the possibilities of owning United. The Daily Star reports that he will line up talks with the banks handling the sale, including the Ren Group.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to be considering making a bid for Manchester United. Photo: Getty Images/NationalWorld Graphics Team

What is Tim Cook’s net worth and will United be the richest club in the world?

Tim Cook has been CEO of Apple since 2011, and he took over from Steve Jobs before the founder’s death that same year. He joined the company in 1998 as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations.

His role at Apple has proven lucrative, and Cook is valued at approximately $1.8 billion as of 2022. Cook owns about 3.3 million shares of Apple, according toorbes.

Apple itself is the largest technology company in the world at the moment. Its annual income is about 326 billion pounds sterling. The Daily Star reports that Apple has an estimated net worth of £2 trillion.

If the American company were to buy Manchester United, it would make the club the richest in the world. Newcastle United currently owns this title after its acquisition by the Saudi Public Investmentund, whose assets are estimated at $620 billion.

Why is the Glazer family considering selling Manchester United?

A statement from Manchester United said the board would “consider all strategic alternatives, including new investment in the club, sale or other transactions involving the company”. Chief executives Avram and Joel Glazer added that they are looking to “maximize the significant growth opportunities available to the club today and in the future”, but appear poised to capitalize on them.

The Glazers have followedenway Sports Group owners Liverpool in announcing their club is for sale, meaning that England’s two most successful teams on the field, and their most marketable assets off it, are on the market. This comes at a time when the failure of both the European Premier League and the Big Picture project thwarted the attempts of the so-called major clubs to gain more control over football.

And with Newcastle cutting their way to compete for the limited number of Champions League places after the Saudi-backed takeover, in addition to the price Bohli paid for Chelsea, it seems that both the Glazers and the Persians now believe that the time has come to take advantage of them.

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