BREAKING: MUSWEN Endorses Bola Tinubuor 2023 Presidency

Mousin endorsed Paula Tinubu for the presidency in 2023

Newsonline indicates that the President of MUSWEN Haji Rasaki Uladiju He said this during the 7th General Assembly of MUSWEN at the Islamic Centre, University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

The Society has distinguished itself by awarding grant awards to 115 successful beneficiaries.

According to Elhaji Oladigo, Muswin’s endorsement of Asiwagu Tinubu was based on competence as well as his track record.

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He said, “Mousin has already announced his intention. We support Tinubu to become president. Our support for Tinubu is based on his competence and his proven track record. We can all see his performance as Governor of Lagos and the state, as of now, remains the number one most viable state in Nigeria, with a lot of innovations.”

Oladigo said the selection of Kachem Chitema as Tinubu’s deputy was a coincidence, urging people to vote in large numbers for Tinubu during the 2023 general election.

The MUSWEN president said the grant awards were presented to 115 first-time recipients under his administration.

The number of beneficiaries will double in 2023, Oladigo said, saying education was at the forefront of all the obstacles facing Nigerian Muslims today.

“It cannot be overemphasized that education is the main key to overcoming poverty. Only through education can our young men and women acquire the necessary skills to enhance their employment opportunities.

He said, “I would like to assure you that MUSWEN will continue to focus on the education/scholarship programme, including supporting entrepreneurship/enabling projects such as employment and support for startups.”

Ekiti State Government Secretary, Dr. Habibat Adoparo urged Muslims across the country, especially women, to actively participate in politics.

Dopiro said that participating in politics will provide them with the opportunity to contribute to national growth and development.

I commanded all to exercise their privilege by voting en masse for Tinubu and other candidates of their choice in the general election.

The Chair of the MUSWEN Board of Trustees, Prince Bola Ajibola, commended the efforts of the Presidency and other organs of MUSWEN for their collaboration in working for the unity, well-being and progress of our nation.

Ajibola expressed his happiness with the organization’s success in reaching out to an increased number of corporate and individual stakeholders within and outside the nation.

According to him, there is no doubt that this is the best way to further promote the organization for the benefit of the nation.


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