Which supermarket offers the cheapest Christmas dinner 2022?

Food prices soared in 2022, but Tesco and Asda are currently competing to offer the cheapest Christmas meal

With this situation fully in mind, supermarkets have begun to announce Christmas dinner offers. But which retailer is offering the cheapest deal right now? Here’s what you need to know.

Christmas dinner deals are now being offered by Tesco, Asda and Ocado (Image: Adobe)

Will Christmas dinner be more expensive in 2022?

Christmas dinner will probably be more expensive this year than in previous years.

With the pound weakening against other major world currencies throughout the year, particularly since Liz Truss’ brief stint as prime minister, it has also become more expensive to import food – a major problem for the UK given it is a net importer of what it eats. It is likely that the full effects of the devaluation of the pound will still run through the supply chain.

While the situation was felt across the food and beverage market, the most worrying impact was felt in the supermarket value ranges. Through September, NationalWorld posted above-inflation highs for the cheapest produce available across major UK grocery stores (as Asda struggles to keep its Just Essentials range in stock in soil areas).

When looking at the latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) Consumer Price Index (CPI), we can see that all of the major product categories you would expect to find at Christmas dinner have risen significantly. Here is the annual inflation rate for each major category:

  • Poultry (Turkey): 19.7%
  • Other meat (pigs in blankets): 19.8%
  • Vegetables (Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips – potatoes included): 15.1%
  • Sauces and Condiments (cranberry sauce, gravy, bread sauce): 33.2%
  • Other bakery products (Christmas pudding): 17.7%

Which supermarkets offer the cheapest Christmas dinner?

according to The Grocer supermarket trade magazine, The race to offer the cheapest Christmas dinner is on. You mentioned that retailers want to convince shoppers that they are offering the best deal on a major because they see it as a good way to attract shoppers to their stores to buy other items.

This offering includes a 1.5kg turkey crown, 800g roast potatoes and trimmings (including pigs in blankets, Yorkshire pudding and 1kg each of peas, carrots and Brussels sprouts).

The fight for cheaper Christmas 2022 dinner has begun (Image: Adobe)

Asda has now entered the fray With a bid of £22 for all Tesco’s offering – albeit with a larger turkey (whole turkey 2.6kg – 73% larger than Tesco’s offering). However, packs of Pigs in Blankets (12 vs 20) and Yorkshire Pudding (12 vs 15) are smaller than Tesco’s.

The Ocado deal also has a funky stuffed turkey breast joint wrapped in bacon, and offers non-own-brand products as part of its deal.

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