What is the undiscovered collectible in Burning Cliffs in Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarok?!

In God of War Ragnarok, Into Theire is the eighth goal on The Path main story quest line. Playing as Atreus, now going by the name Loki, you are sent by Odin to the fiery, volcanic realm of Muspelheim. There, accompanied by Thor, you must search for the Maskragment. But if you want to get 100% completion, you’ll be searching for much more besides. The first region of Muspelheim you explore is the Burning Cliffs, and if you check the map in your journal, you’ll see that there are five collectibles to be found there: one Nornir Chest, one Legendary Chest, one item of Lore, one of Odin’s Ravens, and one collectible that is marked as “Undiscovered” when you first explore the Burning Cliffs. This means that you’ll have to complete the Into Theire quest, then come back to Muspelheim later to complete the Burning Cliffs. But you must be wondering how much later.

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How to get the undiscovered collectible in the Burning Cliffs of Muspelheim

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The undiscovered collectible in the Burning Cliffs region of the realm of Muspelheim is a Remnant of Asgard, which means you have to complete The Path main story quest line in its entirety in order to start The Last Remnants of Asgard side questavor. Once you start The Last Remnants of Asgard, groups of Einherjar will appear across the remaining realms, including one in the Burning Cliffs of Muspelheim.

To get the Remnant of Asgard, explore the Burning Cliffs until you come across a Nornir Chest. Go east into the area opposite the Nornir Chest, where you’ll find a Rune Read item of Lore (Valhalla Rises), and a gang of Einherjar. Defeat all of the Einherjar and the Remnant of Asgard will be checked off on the checklist on the map in your journal.

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