15th general surgery in England with the highest number of appointments with a wait of more than 28 days

More than 600,000 patients had to wait more than four weeks for a GP appointment in October

New figures show thousands of patients had to wait more than 28 days for an appointment at a GP’s office last month.

Data published by NHS Digital reveals the stress experienced by many GPs, detailing appointments made in general practice in England in October 2022.

Across England, NationalWorld’s analysis found that nearly half of all appointments last month (49%) took place on the same day as the booking. About 3% — about 640,000 — occurred after more than 28 days. This does not include appointments that are usually booked in advance, such as medication reviews.

But for some surgeries, more than a third of appointments involved a 28-day wait in October. Any surgeries with fewer than 100 appointments per month were excluded from the analysis.

respond to another GP appointment And the Manpower dataor England, Dr Kieran Sharrock, GPC England Vice President at the BMA, said: “These figures, which show the highest level of GP appointments on record, show how busy practices can be, especially on top of the huge increase in seasonal vaccination appointments – but there is a limit to what General practice can safely make it happen with such a depleted workforce.We need real solutions to the staffing crisis, and to make general practice a safe place to work so doctors can continue to treat patients.

This includes the government addressing long-standing issues driving doctors away, such as unsafe and unsustainable workloads and punitive pension tax rules. Only then will we be able to provide the care our patients need and deserve.”

Which GP Surgeons in England have the biggest wait for an appointment? These are the 15 GP practices with the highest percentage of appointments with waiting periods of more than 28 days.

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