1899 Netflix series: time period show, what’s it about?

The Netflix series 1899, from the creators of Dark, is an eight-part mystery horror film series starring Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, and Andreas Beecham.

1899 is a new eight-part Netflix horror mystery series that follows a group of immigrants from around the world preparing to start a new life in turn-of-the-century America.

The series comes from Baran bo Odar and Jantjeriese, creators of the mystery drama Dark, a supernatural series about the disappearance of two children in a German town. Like Dark, 1899 also features supernatural twists and turns. Here’s everything you need to know about the year 1899:

The year 1899 is now streaming on Netflix

What is the theme of the year 1899?

A group of multinational immigrants traveling from London to New York City aboard the steamship Kerberos encounter a terrifying mystery from Kerberos’ sister ship, the Prometheus. The captain changes course to meet Prometheus and finds him desperate in the open ocean.

The passengers set out on their journey hoping to start a better life abroad, but each passenger has secrets that they fear will bring them back to life. What he finds aboard the Prometheus will force their secrets out into the open, as the passengers desperately try to solve the mystery and escape a terrible fate.

Baran Bo Udar said, “Knowing that we’ve done Dark, viewers can rest assured that this is going to be something strange, wild and crazy. All the passengers on the ship are traveling with secrets they don’t want out. It’s going to be an interesting mystery for the audience.”

Who is the 1899 Crew?

  • Emily Beecham as Mauraranklin
  • Aneurin Barnard as Daniel Solace
  • Andreas Pietschmann as Ike Larsen
  • Miguel Bernardo as Angel
  • Jose Pimento as Ramiro
  • Isabella Wei as Ling Yi
  • Gabe Wong as Yok Ji
  • Jan Gael as Jerome
  • Mathilde Olivier as Clemence
  • Jonas Bloquet as Lucien
  • Rosalie Craig as Virginia Wilson
  • Maciej Musial as Olek
  • Clara Rosager as Tove
  • Lucas Lingard Tonsen as Christer
  • Maria Ehrwalter as Son
  • Alexander Willum as Anker
  • Tino Meuse as Sebastian
  • Isaac Dentler asranz
Alexander Willum as Anker in 1899

Will there be a season 2 of 1899?

The series’ creators hope to turn 1899 into a multi-series show, but said it depends on how many viewers the first season receives — and the final call in season two is with Netflix.

However, after its launch, Netflix confirmed that 1899 was the most popular show on the platform in 58 countries, which indicates that a second season may be in the works soon. Watch this space for updates on the fate of the 1899 second season.

Is 1899 dubbed?

1899 is a German and American TV series with both German and English languages. The series features a cast of immigrants from different countries and thus also features in several other languages ​​including Spanish,rench, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Swedish.

The series can be watched with English subtitles or English dubbing for all foreign languages ​​spoken in the series. However, watching 1899 with the dub would be confusing because there are scenes in the show where the characters have difficulties communicating because they speak different languages.

When it’s all dubbed in English, the conversations don’t make much sense. or 1899, it’s best to watch the series with subtitles instead. On Netflix, the series defaults to English dubbed in the audio settings. or the best viewing experience, you should change the audio setting to the original English language and turn on the English subtitles.

Is there a trailer for 1899?

Yes, you can view it here:

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