The Goonies House In Astoria goes on the market for $1.65 million

In a move that may bring more reality to the famous line, “The Goonies never say die,” there’s a possibility that the new owners of a Victorian-era home in Astoria named “The Goonies” will give enthusiasts of the cult, coming-of-a-lifetime movie a chance to visit.

Located at the mouth of the Columbia River with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Columbia River, this renovated private residence is currently on the market.

The famous house from The Goonies has just been put on the market for sale

A private Uppertown residence was featured in several locations in the 1985 adventure comedy, “The Goonies.” Movie buffs and tourists have visited the quiet neighborhood in the past few years to get a glimpse of the house. This was, at times, a source of frustration for the neighbors and the city itself. As the film’s 30th anniversary approached in 2015, the issues escalated even further.

There were several signs posted by the city warning people not to park on the street after the home has experienced heavy traffic, blue tarp featured on parts of the home, Astoria and Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce issued hits, blue tarp cover. on parts of the house.

At times, the property has been closed to traffic by the owner

Sandy Preston, the homeowner, is known to have at times closed the property to foot traffic and allowed visitors to stay on the property with her permission. Additionally, John L. Scott Real Estate representative Jordan Miller confirmed that the home would be worth $1.65 million and confirmed to the newspaper that the sale would be exclusive. There is also a house next door that Miller is offering for $550,000 at the same time.

If someone was interested in both homes, he said they might be sold together if they were interested in both homes. Real estate listings are expected next week; Miller informed the City Council during a special session Monday afternoon. As a result of the sale of the Goonies’ 1,935-square-foot home, he said traffic in the neighborhood should be light since only pre-approved potential buyers could view it.

“We try to promote the city as a whole, where when people think of buying a property, they also look at the community they live in,” Miller explained. He said he hopes to work with local businesses to see if they will advertise the house to promote the property.

There were long disputes surrounding the house as a whole

The house has long been controversial as it was featured in Richard Donner’s classic 1985 adventure comedy The Goonies. Shortly after the film’s 30th anniversary, Sandy Preston, the property’s owner, put up signs forbidding tourists from coming to the property on foot. The reason for this was the constant traffic of fans.

It wasn’t until much outrage from Goonies fans that Preston eventually changed his mind. Instead, he decided to reopen the property to visitors who wanted to go home earlier this year.

The Goonies House will likely remain a tourist destination for many years. That’s because the movie is so popular, Astoria can’t seem to get enough of The Goonies. What if you had the chance to own a home? Wouldn’t it be great to own one? Doesn’t this sound exciting to you? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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