Is your Xbox controller blinking or blinking? Here’s how to fix

When it comes to video game consoles, the Xbox one tends to be among the most reliable. Although powerful, it is not always compatible with other devices. At certain moments in the game, the console lights may start to flash or flash. The Xbox console’s lights will flash when the battery is low or when you’re trying to connect to your TV or computer.

But if the power button on your Xbox controller does not remain stable or its lights are constantly flashing, there is likely a malfunction. There could be any reasons behind this problem including network issues or even the latest firmware changes. If you are facing the same issue, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will provide you with potential fixes that you can try to fix the Xbox console flickering issue.

Why is your Xbox controller blinking?

There are many possible reasons for the Xbox controller to flash, however, there are a few main ones.

  • The connection between Xbox and the console has been lost. If the controller is connected again, the flashing will stop and normal operation will be restored.
  • The batteries are very low. The controller’s built-in battery can be recharged by connecting it to a power source. The flashing will end after charging it.
  • The console is broken. You will most likely need to contact Microsoft for assistance, as there are no user-repairable components within the Xbox console that could be responsible for the flashing.
  • Problems with the Xbox console’s wireless connection, cord, or power supply.
  • There may be a possibility of an interface such as Bluetooth devices or other smartphones getting in the way.

Now that we’ve discussed the possible reasons behind this error, let’s move on to fixing the problem. Since there are various reasons behind this problem, it is important for you to try all the solutions and check which one works for you.

1. Make sure your console is in range

If you can’t pair your Xbox One controller, you may notice that the lights start to flicker or flicker. Possible causes include that the console is already paired with another system, the console is too far away from the console, or the console has more than eight consoles connected.

Xbox Wireless Controllers range from 19 to 28 feetbut you may want to reduce them if your gaming setup has walls, faces away from you, is in a closet, or might be subject to interference from other nearby wireless devices.

In the event that the controller does not affect your console, check its Bluetooth connections to determine if it is linked to another system. If your Xbox was the last device you used the console on, pressing the pairing button twice will reconnect it to your console.

The number of connected controllers can be seen in the accessories section of the controller settings. X-Box One supports a maximum of eight paired controllersso if you need to use a different controller but you’ve already paired them all, you’ll need to remove one controller to free up a slot.

2. Check the controller batteries

One of the reasons why the light on the Xbox One console is flickering or flickering is because the batteries are weak or completely discharged. Low batteries will result in a weak signal from your controller. If the controller batteries run out, you can either replace them or charge them.

Just LR6 AA alkaline batteries They must be used to replace the existing one. It can be charged, but not while in the console. You will have to charge it according to the instructions provided.

The procedure for replacing the batteries in the controller is as follows:

  • Hold the console upside down.
  • On the back you will see an arrow, push the battery cover in that direction.
  • When replacing batteries, be sure to pay attention to the “-” and “+” symbols.
  • After changing the batteries, put the cover back on.

If you press the Xbox button and look in the upper right corner of the screen, you can see how much battery is left in your console. The battery icon representing the current battery level will be displayed there.

3. Connect your controller with USB cable instead of wireless

There are cases when your console may have problems communicating with the console. Try connecting a USB cable to your console and see if that helps.

4. Restart your Xbox console / update your Xbox One controller

There are cases when a simple reboot can fix various problems. So, if you are having difficulty connecting and the light on your Xbox console is blinking, you might try restarting the console. Hold the power button on your Xbox One console for 10 seconds to turn off the console. Restart it and check if the problem is still there.

You can also try to update your console’s firmware. All Xbox One consoles can be updated using the USB cable that came with your console, and wireless updates are only available for consoles manufactured after June 2015.

5. Contact Xbox support

If you are unable to repair your console even after performing the above steps, it might be damaged. The good news is that you can get it replaced at an Xbox Service Center if your console is still under warranty.

These are all the ways you can try to fix the error at home. If nothing works, waste no more time and head to your nearest Xbox Service Center and let the experts handle it.

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