Fever Ray announces 2023 world tour dates

Her new album, Radical Romantics, released byever Ray in March, will mark Karen Dreyer’s return to the music scene.

It was announced that the artist will be embarking on a supporting tour in support of her latest release. This will be their first release in five years, backed by a huge record label, to garner attention for their latest release.

It’s been five years since Ray’s fever started touring

Fever Ray has announced a tour in 2023. It’s Karen Dreger’s first performance since 2018, and the tour was titled There’s No Place I’d Rather Be. ollowing the announcement ofever Ray’s upcoming album, Radical Romantics, on March 10, Mute will release the album.

So far we’ve heard two tracks from the album, “What They Call Us” and “Carbon Dioxide,” but there’s still more to come. Below you will find a list of the dates that will take place in Europe and North America.

The No Where Better To Be tour will kick off Europe in early spring, with shows taking place in Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Brussels. As part of Dreijer’s extensive tour, he will perform at the Warsaw Worldestival and Rewireestival.

This festival takes place in The Hague, Netherlands, as well as other festivals around the world. This month,ever Ray will wrap up their European tour. In May, he will play several shows in the US, including shows in New York, Chicago, Boston and Auckland.

This tour coincides with the release of Radical Romantics, the band’s upcoming album which will be available on Mute Records on March 10th.

Tour dates for the 2023ever Ray Tour:

03/23 – Oslo, NE of Centrum Centrum

03/24 – Copenhagen, DK @ VEGA

03/25 – Gothenburg, SE @ GBGilm Studios

03/27 – Riga, LV @Hanzas Perons

03/28 – Tallinn, EE @ Noblessneroundry

03/30 – Warsaw, Warsawestival PL @ World Wide

04/01 – Amsterdam, NE @ Melkweg

04/03 – Brussels, BE @ Cirque Royal

04/04 – Cologne, DE @ E-Werk

04/06 – Luxembourg City, LU @ Den Atelier

04/07 – The Hagueestival, NE @ Rewire

05/03 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5

05/05 – Boston, MA @ Roadrunner

05/07 – Chicago, IL @ The Salt Shed

05/10 – Oakland, CA @ox Theatre

Romantic Radicals is the new album fromever Ray

The band’s upcoming album, “Radical Romantics,” will be released on March 10, 2023, Karen Dreger announced. Dreijer has been working on the Tracker 10 since 2019, three years after launching Plunge in 2017.

The Vessel is the producer behind CO2’s lead single, an upbeat electro-melody. “Carbon dioxide is a compound whose bond with oxygen represents the basic symbiosis required for life on Earth,” the ship said.

Dreger and his brother Olof Dreger formed the electronic music duo The Knife. “What They Call Us” — the album opener released last month — was written and produced by Olof. Additionally, Karin and Olof wrote and produced three songs on “Radical Romantics” for the first time in eight years.

Dreijer is also included on the album by Portuguese DJ and producer Nídia, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails. Dreijer’s new album, “Radical Romantics,” follows 2009’s “Plunge” and their self-titled debut album,ever Ray. Eight years ago, The Knife played their last ever show at Iceland’s Airwaves in Reykjavík in October 2014 while touring their latest album, “Shaking The Habitual.”

Who is Rayever?

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Karen Elizabeth Dreger is also a record producer. With his brother Olof Dreijer, Dreijer formed the electronic music duo The Knife. ever Ray was Dreger’s debut solo album, released in January 2009. Known as Plunge, the album was released under the same pseudonym in October 2017.

Known for both sharp and deep tones, Dreijer’s vocal scores are multitracked, with different pitch-shifting techniques applied to each track, creating a mysterious and complex effect. In addition, performers often perform behind a gauze screen during photo shoots, videos, and live performances using masks, face paint, intricate costumes, and other theatrical elements.

Onriday, November 18, tickets for “There’s No Place Better To Be” will go on sale at 10:00 a.m. local time through the Ticketmaster website. What do you think about the next round? Are you looking forward to this? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share it with us.

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