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New police speed camera data reveals the single cameras that captured the most speeding, 1.74 million tickets detected in 2021/22

UK drivers were hit with nearly two million speeding tickets over the past year, according to new research into the country’s most active speed cameras.

Speeding is the most common car crime in the country, and new figures obtained from 36 of the country’s 46 police forces reveal that 1.74 million speeding tickets were caught in the 12 months from April 2021 to March 2022. However, they also show that The majority of drivers around the clock breaking limited pursuit escaped.

Of the 1.74 million drivers, 457,232 were hit by the standard flat fine notice, which imposed a £100 fine and a three-point penalty on their licence. Of the 1.2 million remaining, 698,115 drivers chose to attend a speed awareness course, while the rest were taken to court because of the seriousness of the offense or the police being unable to track down the driver.

The figures were revealed as part of research by a comparison site Timid Looking at the busiest speed cameras in the country. I discovered that in the last 12 months a single camera on the outskirts of London resulted in nearly 50,000 Notices of Intent to Prosecute (NIP). The machine on the eastern side of the A40 issued 49,050 tickets, more than double the next busiest camera.

It was the second busiest on Surrey’s M25 stretch between junctions 7 and 16, with 23,134 NIPs created in one year, nearly 5,000 more than the third busiest, located between junctions 20 and 19 on the M4 near Bristol. igures show the busiest cameras are across the country, with devices in Merseyside, Kent and Warwickshire also in the top ten.

It has been 30 years since the first roadside Gatso cameras were first introduced in the UK. Since then, many types of fixed speed cameras have been introduced, along with portable camera trucks and medium speed cameras. The Confused study notes that fixed speed cameras are still the most common way drivers are caught.

I asked the drivers about their experiences and attitudes toward speed. And it found that 44% were caught speeding at some point. Of these, 29% were taken with a still camera, 26% by a handheld camera and 23% by a medium speed zone. Only 10% are stopped on the road by police officers and only 6% are caught by portable speed guns.

Of those caught speeding, nearly a third (31%) found that they did not realize they had exceeded the speed limit. However, more than 1 in 5 (22%) said they had intentionally exceeded the speed limit because the road was empty, and 17% said they were speeding because they just wanted to get somewhere faster.

Alex Kindred, auto insurance expert at, commented: “Although some motorists may feel speed limits are an inconvenience, they are there to ensure our roads are safe for everyone. If caught while driving at speed, motorists can They can land themselves a fine, points on their license, or even a driving ban. A speeding fine or points added to your license may also increase your car insurance costs.”

The full list of the 10 busiest speed cameras in the UK in 2021/22

Site The number of intended pursuits Police police
A40 between Long Dr and Wellands Gdns E/B 49,050 Governorate
M25 Junction 7-16, Surrey 23134 I will see
M4 Junction 20-19, Bristol 18,317 Avon and Somerset
A5460 Narborough Road, Leicester, JNC withullhurst Avenue 16,634 Leicestershire
M6 Junction 1-4 (North-Southbound) 15,410 Warwickshire
Garston Way/Dock Road, Liverpool 15295 Merseyside
M5 Junction 4a-6, Birmingham 15,062 west of Mercia
A282 Dartford Road Tunnel Approach 14,423 Kent
Lewis Road, Brighton, GNC with Colden Lane 14172 Sussex
M6 Junction 7 & 8 N/B, Birmingham 12,762 West Midlands