‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ star Dan Limbaugh dies at age 75, cause of death discovered

Survivor: Nicaragua Alum Dan Limbaugh has passed away at the age of 75. The former reality show contestant died at his Manhattan home in September. Dan’s daughter-in-law, Emily Limbaugh, revealed that he died of a rare brain disease.

The Limbaugh family also posted an obituary in memory of their beloved Dan. He was known to participate in the twenty-first season of survivor in 2010, where he managed to reach the final five. Read on to know more about his life and career.

Dan Limbaugh is passing away at the age of 75

Emily confirmed that Dan died on September 3 after suffering from an incurable brain disease called progressive supranuclear palsy. He suffered from the disease for six years which eventually affected his speech, memory and motor skills.

His family members organized a memorial service for Dan Limbaugh in September. Hundreds of his friends attended the service, however, no one in the Survivor community seemed to have received the news at the time.

The Limbaugh family would remember him as “a charismatic, larger-than-life, outgoing personality who loved nothing more than to spend time with his kids and friends – new and old. On the weekends he enjoyed a game of softball in Bridgehampton with friends. Daniel would be remembered as a friend to all and a father.” for two.”

The alum consists of his children, Matthew and Michael, stepdaughters Emily and Dana, grandchildren Ava, Annabelle, Sailor, James, and Harper, and his ex-wife, Barbara.

Dan Limbaugh appeared in the twenty-first season survivor

Dan was born in Brooklyn on November 7, 1946. He graduated from Brooklyn College of New York in 1969. At the age of 63, he participated in the twenty-first season of survivortitled Survivor: Nicaraguain 2010.

Dan was well-liked by his fellow contestants on the show, but he underperformed in the challenges. He made it to the top 5 and was voted in on Day 37. He also had a career in real estate and was a millionaire when he got on the reality show. Dan has been known to wear his trademark crocodile shoes while performing challenges.

After his elimination, he revealed in an interview that he did not participate in the show for money. Instead, he wanted to go on an adventure. “I didn’t play Survivor for money. I wanted adventure,” Dan said

“I’m the kind of person who sees a challenge and thinks, ‘I can do it.'” So I wanted to be a part of this crazy game – and I did really well, as I say! You got really far.”

Dan’s sons pay an emotional tribute

In the obituary, Dan’s sons, Matthew and Michael, memorialize their father. “Thank you for being my dad. You were such a happy person. You were my best friend,” Matthew wrote.

Michael Limbaugh wrote, “Dad, no matter the situation, you were always there for me. You were my first phone call. You were my traveling companion. Every weekend, we’d go on our trips.rom skiing in Vermont, to looking at houses in the Hamptons, Or a sunny weekend in Miami, or a Yankees playoff game, we’ve always been together. We’ll miss you. Love you.”

Our condolences to Dan Limbaugh’s family and friends. May his soul rest in peace!