How much will a pint of beer cost in Qatar?

The beer will be available to fans in select areas of the World Cup stadiums, although prices are set to be high. Areas and costs explained

Harry Kane and his troops arrived in the country on a plane with the Gay Pride logo on the side in a notable protest against the region’s laws against homosexuality. Germany managed to outpace Southgate’s men by getting the slogan ‘Diversity wins’ across their Lufthansa jet.

In the Muslim country with strong anti-drinking laws, much has been documented about potential prices and availability of alcohol at the tournament, and it now appears that contrary to their earlier promises that prices would be around £5, the Qatari state sets beer prices at potentially exorbitant prices.

Here’s everything you need to know about the potential costs of beer at the 2022 Qatar World Cup…

How much would a pint of beer cost?

FIFA’s official beer supplier, Budweiser, reportedly charges QR50, the equivalent of £11.60, for 500ml of beer. The Qatar 2022 organizer initially indicated that the country’s strict laws and high alcohol prices would be eased during the four weeks that football fans would be in the country, but those initial plans appear to have been ignored since then.

It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol into the country, and only residents are allowed to buy alcohol at specialized outlets for home consumption, so drinking alcohol away from official venues would be off-limits for fans.

Dohaan Village in November 2022

How many pints can I buy?

Fans will only be able to buy four pints of alcohol per order amid fears some supporters will be binge drinking. Budweiser stated that fans, who must prove they are 21 or older, would be limited to: “purchasing a maximum of four Budweiser units per person”. Supporters are told: “Drink wisely, rejoice better, wet between shoots.”

The company also added in its statement, “Budweiser is proud to be offered in accordance with local rules and regulations by aIFA-appointed franchisee” which made many people suspect that there were discussions withIFA and the Qatari government before a final pricing policy was reached.

Where can I buy beer in Qatar?

The beer will be available for purchase at dedicated fan zones located in and around the outskirts of Doha. According to Qatar 2022, there will be six official ‘activities’:

  • Officialanest – Al Bidda Park
  • Corniche
  • Lucille Street
  • 974 Beach Club
  • Arcadia Spectacular
  • MDL Beast Presents – ARAVIA

It was initially thought that Budweiser tents and suppliers would be readily available at these locations and near the stadiums. However, as it emerged Sunday, Budweiser was told to move its beer stations to less visible locations outside of stadiums and The New York Times reported This order came from Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, brother of the ruler of Qatar.

What is the first match for England?

England will begin their World Cup campaign on Monday 21 November 2022 at Khalifa Stadium with kick-off at 1pm GMT. The BBC will provide live television coverage of the match.