The hotel for vacation trailer places any love triangle in the busy hotel

Rom-com movies are so popular now, we just can’t get enough. The classic Hollywood rom-com usually revolves around a couple who have a problem and have to solve it while still being in love with each other.

But the recent trend in romantic comedies is that they center around a love triangle — and we love it! It’s so refreshing to watch a movie where the main couple isn’t always together, and instead we get to watch them as they try to navigate their relationship with someone else.

In the past, rom-coms were about finding true love and working through problems together. Recently, however, the focus has changed: now there’s a lot more focus on how the characters treat other people who come into their lives. And it’s more fun!

Likewise, a strange but well-known story will appear on Amazon’s free streaming service very soon. The holiday romantic comedy Hotelor The Holidays is an upcoming rom-com starring famous American actress Madeline Petsch who we loved in Riverdale and Jane.

The movie released its official trailer, taking viewers on a jaunt to this hotel. Check out this article to find out everything.

The hotel for vacation trailer places any love triangle in the busy hotel

The movie clearly gives sweet and sour vibes with leading hotel manager Georgia doing everything she can to keep guests happy this holiday season.

Georgia runs one of the most luxurious hotels in New York “Fontaine” which is visited by some distinguished guests.

The trailer gives us a great view of theontaine Hotel directing its Christmas decorations and ready to serve its guests. The hotel is greeted by a variety of people, from pop stars to royalty.

Manager Georgia exudes hospitality as she welcomes guests and delves with them about “the most magical hotel in New York City.” She is looking forward to fixing the power outage at her hotel and I can’t understand why she hasn’t.

The hotel is old, expensive and does not have reliable electricity. Seems like a pretty painful situation when you put it that way.

Georgia admits her problem to Luke and his laid-back personality seems perfect. However, he offers more than that in the form of some excellent ideas. Although the connection is not clear, their conversation is encouraging nonetheless.

When is the movie released?

The highly anticipated rom com is set to hit the streaming platform on December 2nd.

Hotel for the Holidays will be the first Christmas movie to be released on Amazonreevee, the free streaming service owned by Amazon. Meaning, the movie will be available to stream for free without any subscription.

Meet the actors

As mentioned earlier, the film will be led by Madeline Petsch from Riverdale and accompanied by Mena Massoud from Aladdin.

The film’s cast includes Max Lloyd-Jones as Prince Raymond, Kayleigh Chicani as Pandora, Jami Belushi as Kiki, Neil Crone as Milton, and Jane Eastwood aslorence.

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