Legendary singer Kurt Cobain’s wrecked 1989 guitar has sold for nearly $500,000 at auction

not so long ago, smells like teen spirit Kurt Cobain’s wrecked guitar from Nirvana’s first US tour sold for nearly half a million dollars at auction over the weekend.

For those of you unaware, let us tell you, the guitar that was played on stage and smashed in 1989 was signed by legendary singer Kurt Cobain. This circa 1973ender Mustang with sunburst sold for $486,400 to be exact. Read on to learn more about Kurt Cobain’s guitar.

1989 Kurt Cobain guitar used on Nirvana’s first US tour has sold for $500,000

According to Julien’s Auctions, a Kurt Cobain guitar that was used on Nirvana’s first US tour sold for two shows in 1989 for a total of $486,400. He passed the estimated value which was $400,000.

The auction house reported that the guitar was owned, played and smashed Come as you are Singer Kurt Cobain was used on Nirvana’s first US tour back in the day. The guitar was used during two shows of Nirvana’s US tour.

First, Kurt used guitar at Club Dreamerz in Chicago, Illinois on July 8, and the second date was at Sonic Temple in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania on July 9. During the final performance of blow In Sonic Temple, the singer smashed the guitar to pieces on stage.

What’s up with Kurt Cobain’s 1989 Guitar Smash?

According to the auction house, the story goes, “After this performance, the band stayed at Hullabaloo’s Sluggo Cawley’s apartment, where Cobain noticed a crashing Gibson SG hanging on Cawley’s wall.”

The auction house also added, “Cobain offered to trade it in for theender Mustang he wrecked on July 9th because he thought he could fix a Gibson SG well enough to crash it again later.”

Julian Auctioneers continued, “Sluggo agreed to the trade and had Cobain sign the Mustang, signing off as Nirvana as well as painting two flowers along the upper right of the pickguard before the band moved on to their next show. Along the lower body, the inscription reads, “Yo Sluggo/Thank you.” for the Trade / If rock and roll is illegal, throw my ass in jail / Nirvana.”

At one point, a reporter asked Kurt about his penchant for smashing guitars on stage, and he replied, “Why would I do that? Why not? It feels good. Somebody actually chopped down a nice old tree to make that guitar. Smash it! We only do that if the feeling’s right.” Right; no matter where we are.”

Other prized musical items sold at the weekend’s auction are as follows: Elvis Presley’s 1972 18-karat gold Ebel wristwatch, which sold for $256,000, and Prince’s 1992 Curt Nelson Cloud electric guitar with NFT, which soldor $192,000, Tupac Shakur’s artwork was completed for the 1996 Los Angeles AIDSundraiser, which sold for $128,000.

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