BREAKING: Peter Obi, Supporters Trade Words Over Insult On Ortom, Others

Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and his supporters exchanged words about his supporters’ insult to Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom.

Newsonline Reports indicate that while the former governor of Anambra State advised his supporters known as Obidients to stop swearing and insulting other presidential candidates, supporters said they were in the “vawulence department”, a word they consider to be a neo-spelling of henf.

The presidential candidate of the Labor Party, whose support base is made up of young people after his appeal of integrity, character and competence, called on his supporters to back and support an issue-based campaign to engage other candidates.

Peter Obi particularly condemned the invitation of the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, whom he described as a good man and patriot, with deceit. He reminded his obedient supporters that like all people, he also has flaws.

In a statement on Saturday, Peter Opie said: “I have called upon the faithful of the Labor Party, especially candidates at all levels, including my supporters, to desist from name-calling or disparaging any person, group of people or religions.

Nigeria has very huge problems and is now in danger of collapse due to economic hardship and insecurity. Therefore, the focus should be on how to deal with the dire consequences of a flagging economy, rampant insecurity, and the many challenges the nation faces, rather than descending into name-calling.”

He added, “Specifically, during our recent campaign in Benue, one of the candidates referred to the Governor of Benue State, Dr. Samuel Ortom, as a ‘scam.’ This is totally unacceptable to us.”

Still, the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, is a very patriotic Nigerian who has always spoken out for the good of his people and Nigeria in general. We all have our flaws, mine have shortcomings, and so do others. But, we should not refer to people in such a derogatory manner, we must stay focused on running an issue-based campaign, and unite with everyone to build a new and better Nigeria.”

His supporters, who claim to be in the “spelling department” of campaigning for his rise to the presidency in the 2023 election, said they would not back down from those who they claimed wanted to tarnish his image.

Peter Obi’s supporters who took to the comments section of his Twitter account specifically told the former governor of Anambra State, to focus on an issue-based campaign while they focus on those attacking him.

A tweep, Porloh UgozyHe wrote, “My next boss, don’t worry, leave the grumbling department to us. Their dad isn’t arriving.”

Marcel Rex He tweeted in an indirect reference to APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu, who is accused of participating in heroin trafficking in the United States. He wrote, “We will not call anyone bad names, especially that gentle sheikh who has a drug case in the United States.”

another invasion, Vivian Peter Obi called for rest and off Twitter Street for his supporters, saying “We’re just getting started… This country needs to be good. Relax sir, we’re the ones going through you. Everyone should understand.”