Bob Saget’s daughter, Aubrey Saget, gets married in Mexico

There was a celebration this weekend for Bob Saget’s family.

Several family members and friends attended the wedding of Aubrey Saget, the eldest daughter of the lateull House star, and Andy Capel, in Tulum, Mexico.

Andy Capel, her longtime love, marry her

Bob Saget’s family enjoyed celebrating this weekend as they remembered they were late sweethearts. In Tulum, Mexico, many of Aubrey Saget’s loved ones attended her eldest daughter’s wedding to Andy Capel, daughter of the lateull House star. In addition, several family members of the deceased star were present to pay their respects.

Bob’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, attended the adorable event, snapped a shot with the bride and wrote, “I love you so much aubreysaget.” The newborn couple was also captured in a photo taken by Aubrey’s sister Lara Saget under a canopy of palm branches on the beach, where they said their vows for the first time.

To match Aubrey’s beautiful helmet, she wore a white satin gown, while her groom wore a tan suit. To welcome guests into the soiree, they were given a dose of tequila with lime and a table sign to indicate where they would be seated.

During her husband’s death, Rizzo took a minute to honor him with his friends, posing for a photo holding a cigar and writing, “Greetings Bob with his favorite things…a good cigar.”

After Bob’s death 10 months ago, the couple decided to marry

As part of a celebration of love, the 67-year-old How I Met Your Mother star was photographed with his wife ten months after his sudden death in a hotel room in Orlando,lorida on January 9 at the age of 65 — a subsequent investigation by the medical examiner’s office found Local to that the death of this man resulted from an accident.

“It is my opinion that Mr. Saget’s death was the result of blunt trauma to the head. His injuries were likely from a fall that no one witnessed,” Joshua Stefani, a coroner for Orange County,lorida, said in aebruary 10 press release issued in response to the accident. He did not disclose Toxicological analysis for any illegal drugs or toxins. The manner of death is an accident. Our condolences to Mr. Saget’s loved ones during this difficult time.”

He had three children in common with his ex-wife Sherry Kramer

Among the children of America’s funniest home video hosts, he left behind Rizzo, Lara, Aubrey, and her daughter Jennifer Saget. He shared his three children when he married Sherry Kramer from 1982 to 1997.

After dating for two years, the deceased foodie and actor got engaged in November 2017 after spending two years together. However, it was revealed to Us Weekly that the couple did not plan to have any more children before they tied the knot in October 2018.

In an April 2018 interview, Rizzo said, “He has three girls, and I’m very close to them. He’s been there, and he’s done that. Not for me. So just enjoy life and travel. Maybe one day I’ll talk to him to a dog.”

At the time, Bob hailed the “magical” bond between his future wife and her children when he met her. He told us, “You’ve been my dad a lot.” “Maybe I will be a grandfather one day. My daughter has a boyfriend. So I am not in a rush.”

The wedding was beautiful, and all close family members could attend. So what do you think of the duo? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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